Total Control Riding Clinic in Mid Tennessee in October

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    Just wanted to post up info for those interested that we will be hosting the Lee Parks Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic classes here in Old Hickory Tennessee (just outside of Nashville) this October 5th and 6th. Level 1 will be on the 5th and we'll be doing a level 2 on the 6th. Now for the propoganda... :)

    These advanced riding clinics will make a noticeable difference in your riding ability and confidence when on the street or track. The exercises are fun and challenging but are also presented in a way that builds the skills as the day progresses so everyone can benefit from attending these clinics. It doesn't matter if you ride a cruiser, a tourer, or a full on sportbike, these clinics will definitely improve your relationship with your ride. In fact, riders with bikes that have limited ground clearance tend to benefit more than most.
    If you have any questions about the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics please feel free to send emails to

    In the spirit of full disclosure I have taken these classes three time (2 level 1's and one level 2) and I really benefited from them. I also don't make any money from these, I just enjoy helping facilitate the classes as I am a huge advocate of rider education.