touratech windscreen spoiler F800GS

Discussion in 'Parallel Universe' started by C5!, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. C5!

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    Sep 23, 2007
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    I would be interested to hear comments from those who have the TT Windscreen spoiler on the F800GS. Is it effective in reducing the wind pressure at speed? I am 5'10 and it is almost impossible to wear a bmw enduro helmet at speeds over 120 km/h. Not interested in a bigger windscreen because the original one is perfect off-road, problem is only at highway speed over 120-130.
  2. AngryRed

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    Mar 8, 2006
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    I just received mine and overall really like it. I'm 5'11" and it has raised the point where the wind hits my helmet up fairly well. I used to get a pretty sore neck in the high winds going through the open desert (Vegas to Barstow for example). I have noticed my head does not jerk around as much and the constant wind pressure against the lower part of my helmet is gone.

    The good news is the wind blast is much less noticeable at highway speeds with my visor down.

    The bad news is the wind is much worse at low to mid speeds with my visor up.

    I ride around with my visor up and sunglasses on around town. At 40-50mph the wind blast is directly into my eyes. It's not unbearable, just much more noticeable than before.

    If I dip my head down a few inches at highway speeds the spoiler is ideal. The wind is entirely gone and I can hear my engine instead of the wind. I'd say 5'9" to 5'10" would be the perfect height for this spoiler.
  3. The Griz

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    Nov 26, 2008
    Hated it. Got rid of it after a week. It wobbled/vibrated forward and back like mad at virtually every speed. Visually drove me nuts because of this. This is due to the fact that the OEM windscreen is not designed to support the weight of that thing clipped on there. Also, it put the wind right at my helmet.