Towing A Scooter With Rear Wheel Down

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    The issue is china , and india build oil base nations where the cost of buying a car is cheap , eg 2500 india. It's not the fact that canada etc is producing tar sand oil it.s fact that demand is or soon will over take the supply that can be pumped. Both the usa millarty y and also the german millarty have commission studies that say that 2012 is the year of peak oil production. With Billions of People in China and india being able to pay for car etc you end up with the oil demand vs supply factor in. I really dought that cheap travel is going to around in 20 plus years. You might just have to tow that scooter with a mlule by then. :eek1
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    I do not know when those studies were done but I am guessing that was 10 years ago. That premise is wrong. There has been masive reserves found in Canada, USA, and many other countries within the last 5 years. There are more oil reserves now than when the original studies were done back in the 60s. North America within the next 10 years will have more oil reserves than the middle east has. The new hydrofracting process has even brought old oil fields back on line with estements that surpassed the original oil field capabilities. If the world does run out of fossel fuels it will not be for 50 or 60 years at least. The Canada oil sands are only profitable to extract oil as long as prices are above $70 a barrel. You will find that oil prices in North America will be lower than that within 2 years. Canada has several other oil fields that have been found in the last few years that are conventional fields and are cheaper to extract the oil from so the oil sands will be relegated to production only when the price of crude demands it. The oil industry is going crazzy right now because of all the oil being found throughout the world. The data on these new oil fields will not be included in many nations official reserves for another few years because of the hoops that the oil industry has to jump through to have them counted. The bottom line is that I would not invest in the oil sands or in the oil industry in general right now because stock prices are going to fall. It would be better to wait a few years until the smoke clears and see who is left standing. there are going to be several casuaties in the oil buissness when the price goes down. Look at what is happening with cng and propane. The price of propane has fallen 40% just in the past year.
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    The world will not run out of oil during the lifetime of anyone living currently. Published oil reserves are based on SEC definitions for prospectus and annual reports which basically means is actually in production or will be in production within the next 2 years. It has nothing to do with what is actually in the ground and can be extracted either with current technology, price of oil that makes it possible or future technology. is basically accurate.
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    Every generation since the 1850s has been told we're soon to run out of petroleum.