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    Jun 14, 2006
    Sweetwater, TN
    My wife bought me Delrome 6.0 topo for Christmas and I havent done much with it yet, doesn't seem very easy to figure out.. It appears delrome only loads .tpx files? I'd like to bring in some of my tracks/waypoints onto the screen, but I can't find any options in gpsbabel for converting to .tpx , any ohter help would greatly be appreciated also..

    Also I opned up sweetwater, tn and it doesnt have a built in map for this area, and to scan east, there was only one little block that had coverage, is the whole united states not included in the delorme topo package, or is it just certain areas (natioanl parks,etc)???
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    Jun 13, 2006
    I am sure others will be of more help, but I'll take a crack......(and I would not call Delorme's intuitive :D )

    I don't know what a .tpx file is. I have exchanged information with my 60Cx using the Garmin format, found using the menu icon at the top that looks like a computer screen with two-arrows.

    I followed 322 out of Sweetwater until it joined 72 and got good maps all the way; I could see the streets of the town at zoom level 13. Are you using the 'zoom and pan' in the upper right?

    I believe Delorme sells both a full US and a 1/2 US version, I thought the division is the Missisippi Rvr.
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    To go from Mapsource to Top USA, you do the following (at least this works for tracks I have not tried this with routes):

    Save your Mapsource file as a .gpx file. Then in Delorme from the draw layer tab use the import function to bring in the gpx file.

    I have done this thousands of times and works like a charm.

    To go the other direction from Delorme to Mapsource is a little more difficult but is doable with some share ware.
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    You can import "gpx" files ( click the "DRAW tab" then "FILE" then "IMPORT" select "gpx"
    or you can import directly from a gps , To Receive a Track
    Use the following steps to receive a track from your GPS device and save it as a track.

    Connect your GPS receiver to your computer.

    If you are using a third-party GPS receiver, you may have to use specific settings. For example, if you are using a GARMIN GPS receiver, set your GARMIN receiver interface to GRMN/GRMN. For more information, see your owner manual or GPS Settings for Third-Party Devices.

    Click the Exchange button in the toolbar. (It is the little ICON that looks like a monitor with two yellow arrows)

    Under Device Type, select GPS.

    Select Receive from Device.

    Select Track from the Object drop-down list.

    Select User Map Data - Track from the Save As drop-down list.

    Click Next.

    Select the track name or track number on the device that you want to receive.
    Note: Not all devices support downloading individual track logs. See your device manual for more information.

    Select the track file you want to add the track information to. If you want to create a new track file, select New from the Track File drop-down list and type the new track file name in the New Track File text box.

    Optional: Type a label for your track in the Track Label text box.

    Click Receive from Device.

    Repeat steps 9–12 for every track file you want to receive from your device.

    Click Finish.
    The above is from the help file.
    I hope this helps
    I use it all the time, the more you use the Delorme software the more you find out what it will do, It just take awhile to get used to it,
    It is all I use for route planing now, and I have had some great GS dualsport rides thanks to it.
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    To dig up an old thread.....

    I have some old tracks that I want to pull into MapSource. Unfortunately they were created in Delorme 2.0 which creates .TP2 files. It's not one of the choices in GPSbabel. Any ideas welcome.
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    Jan 11, 2006
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    Dec 18, 2007
    +1 just export your stuff from Delorme as a gpx file and Mapsource will read it just fine.

    I used to do it all the time because I used Delorme to create tracks from Mapsource routes. But now I use WinGDB3 or Basecamp to do the conversion.