Tracks4Australia update for Goog's Track SA.

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  1. desert dog

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    Feb 25, 2009
    Port Lincoln
    Goog's Track, South Australia.
    Tracks4Australia 1.20

    Last year SA National Parks closed the Malbooma Outstaion / Dog Fence
    turnoff and have moved the turn off, for the northern section of Googs Track about 15 km West.

    if someone wants the 'new' track data, no worries.
    but what format; gdb (gamin), mps or gpx and should I email someone with
    these changes ?
    can I post the file on here and can I PM it ?

    should be heading out to sus some more track's this winter ?

    On the last day of a 5 day trip, we counted 7 4WD's, late August '08.
    the track is getting busy, but it's still the best !!!