Trail riding in the Peaks: one week to act

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    Many of you will be aware of the situation regarding Chapel Gate lane in the Derbyshire Peaks. An experimental Traffic Regulation Order will, if not opposed, be seen by those who oppose us as a way to drive us from the National Parks for ever.

    This week and up to 29 February, is the last chance for people to object to the Chapel Gate Experimental TRO. The more objections there are the more impact we can have, hence as many members as possible of PDVUG and its associated clubs should be encouraged to object. Please ensure this receives the widest circulation to vehicle users beyond PDVUG.

    The minimum that is needed is for an individual to send the following statement by email to :

    I wish to object to the provisions of the Experimental Traffic Order, made on 10 August 2011 prohibiting mechanically propelled vehicles on the Chapel Gate Byway, being established on a permanent basis.

    Any reasons can be added such as: My objection is based on the loss of amenity to me and other vehicle users by not being able to use the Byway for recreational purposes.

    Let's have more objections that all the supporting comments that Friends of the Peak District, GLEAM, Rocking the BOAT , etc will be sending in.

    Please remember that Mike Rhodes, who many of you will have seen on the Tales From the National Parks documentary is a fair-minded person. Keep your communications to him polite and respectful, and let the beardie-weirdies on the 'other' side be the ones to upset him by being obnoxious – TFNP contained one or two clips of them doing just that!

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    Done it. This was the (automated?) reply I got:

    Thank you for your comments in relation to the experimental order prohibiting use by mechanically propelled vehicles at any time along the Chapel Gate route for an 18 month period.

    Over the next 18 months the Authority will take into account all relevant information to consider whether to make a permanent traffic order or to vary or discontinue the restriction.

    A report will be made to the appropriate committee in due course and you will be notified of the outcome of that. Any representations received will form part of the background papers to the report and will be made available for public inspection in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Access to Information Act 1985.

    The Authority currently operates a procedure that allows individuals or organisations to address members at meetings of the committee. Details of this procedure can be obtained from Democratic Services at the National Park Office.

    Updates will be given on Details on how we are managing recreational vehicles in the National Park can be found on

    Please note that is not usual practice to enter into further correspondence on issues raised in representations.

    Mike Rhodes
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    I got exactly the same response. Better than being ignored I suppose!
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    What winds me up about this, is it was not the use of the route that forced the temp closure, but numpties riding off piste, ie, up the right handside of the route when travelling from Edale towards Roych Clough. OK, land drainage has not helped at all but Mr Rhodes has said it is the immediate enviroment that the inspectors look at, and if vehicles are causing damage to the area, then the route will be TRO'd.
    Look at all the other routes that have been in the spot light, damage had occurred most of them all whether from 4x4 or motorcycle, probably the only route I can think of where this wasn't the case is Silly Dale, this closure still baffles me! :huh
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    Jan 31, 2007
    Here's what I wrote

    Dear Mr Rhodes,

    I note with concern the proposal to impose the 'experimental' Traffic Regulation Order on Chapel Gate Lane, and fear that proposals to ban vehicles altogether may be driven by a few very vocal and emotional individuals whose motives are unclear.

    I am sure you have already been inundated with submissions regarding this matter, so will keep mine brief, but I hope you will take them on board.

    My concerns include:

    Lack of access - recreational vehicle users have considerably less access in the Peak District than other user groups and this has been reduced relatively recently by the NERC Act 2006

    The importance of Chapel Gate - Chapel Gate is not only an important route in its own right but is a vital link in the wider green lane network, its loss will cause real harm to the network enjoyed by legitimate vehicle users

    Surface improvements - one of the key concerns expressed by the authority was displacement of users (vehicular and others) onto environmentally sensitive adjacent land because of surface damage. This damage has now been repaired by the County Council

    Suitability for vehicles- many anti vehicle campaigners claim that this route is not suitable for modern vehicles but Derbyshire CC have confirmed that the repairs carried out were to "byway standard" and the surface is now suitable for use trail bikes and land rover type 4x4s

    Proportionality - The terms of the experimental order represent the most draconian restriction the authority can impose. This is disproportionate to the nature and extent of the perceived problem.

    Alternatives - There are a wide range of alternative management options available to the authority that could be effective but which fall short of the blanket ban proposed by this ETRO. It would be grossly unreasonable of the authority to adopt the most restrictive option with out at least trialing less restrictive options first.

    I trust that this input will assist in your deliberations.

    I got an instant automated reply, so i suspect that I'm not the first person to contact him on this subject, which is encouraging!
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