Trailer space available from GA to CO on June 25-26th

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    Hey guys, just thought I'd throw this out there if anyone else is looking to go out West and would like to catch a ride out there.

    Sarah (my wife) and I will be driving out to CO leaving hopefully the evening of June 25th after work. We'll have one of our bikes in the truck and the other in the trailer, but our trailer can hold 2 bikes. We'll have room for 1 more bike on the trailer and 1 more person in the truck. All we would ask is that you share some of the driving and chip in on fuel. We plan on driving straight through from ATL to CO (probably around Denver) which should take about 24hrs or so.

    If you wanted to catch a ride back, we'll be heading back around July 10-11th, other wise you are on your own getting back.

    I could be talked into hauling a larger trailer since I have a 3/4 ton Diesel truck (if you have one we can use) that holds more then 2 bikes, but really the truck comfort will be sacrificed at any more then 3 people in it.

    If you want to try to work something out, just let me know.