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Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by pilacs, Apr 17, 2014.

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    In the end of ay I'm starting a trip to Magadan from Hungary.
    Thinking about to take the Trans Siberia Express on my way in to speed up the arrival to Vladi. Find all the info about ticket purchase,but nothing on shipping the bike via train. I know it can be done,but depending on the person at the train station.Horizon Unlimited has some info,but not enough to guide me. Is there any one whom has some current information about taking my bike with me on the train? Planning to get on in Novosibirsk to Vladi. Thanks in advance.
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    Hi. I called several times to the station in Novosibirsk (, I couldn't phone. From forums I could knew that for sending bike in a baggage car - all liquids have to be merged from the motorcycle and it has to weigh no more than 160 kg. But all these issues are resolved by means of an "official" bribe to people at station. Procedure approximately is as follows: you come to the station by certain time, you pay money, the motorcycle close in a wooden lattice, for a bribe its weight underestimate and don't pay attention to liquids. On arrival it will be necessary to wait some hours before its unloading, the wooden lattice should be removed by yourself. You must be attentive and to buy the passenger ticket for the same train which will carry the motorcycle.
    There is one more variant of sending the motorcycle by transport campaigns ( or smth like that), but you won't be able to go with it by one train. This option more reliable.
    It will be better to contact the Novosibirsk motorcycle club ( or f=14) that they helped you and get all information directly.