TransAmericaTrail/LakeHillMotors 2-Day DualsSportRide May18-19, 2013

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    Sep 13, 2003
    Mt. Vernon, Illinois
    Sam ask me to post this ride up for him as he doesn't get on ADV much--he's a busy guy.
    I will be there as a ride leader. A whole lot of this will be on the Tennessee portion of the TAT.
    Sam has been at my house some and I've coached him on the gps thing---and now all tracks are available for all his rides---he's moved to the 21st century :D:D:D:D
    Who says you can't teach and old dog new tricks.:rofl:rofl

    This ride is getting close--you need to get on the ball and register for this ride.
    An e-mail to him will suffice if you don't mail it in---answer all questions below and request the gps file if you want it---or you can request a rollchart---which can be given to you at the riders meeting.
    I'm betting if you just showed up and paid up you would be fine---be there for the Friday's riders meeting. Have the gps file in your gps before you get there so as not take up Sam's time for doing that. If you don't know a thing about gps files or gps's--------it's too late and you'll never figure that out between now and then. Following someone with the route is best for you.
    Please do not show up Saturday morning wanting to register and get the gps file--------Sam will be too busy. So----get er' done.

    The text below I copy and pasted a file Sam sent me.

    Lake Hill Motors/TransAmericaTrail 2 Day DualSportRide May 18-19,2013
    This year we are bigger and beter with a 2 day ride. The morning of May 18
    we will start from the parking lot of LakeHill Motors,Corinth,MS and ride a full
    day to Fayetteville,TN..Returning the next day,May 19 to Corinth. Each day's
    ride will be different with a short setion shared . Fuel will be plentyfull at
    several locations. Total miles for both days is apx. 430 miles.

    Okay for you gps guys: sent via email,a track not a route. You need MapSource
    or BaseCamp (free download from Garmin) loaded into your computer to open
    the email..You may request a free test track,just email me. Make sure you can
    download the track before you order this option...Do this now,for this is very time
    consumming for me, don't wait until the deadline..I need time to get this done.

    This years ride is a little more technical than last year.Overnight stay in
    Fayetteville, TN and you need to make your reservation asap.
    (1) Hampton Inn (new and will open in March 2013)
    (2)AmericasBestValue Inn 931.433.6121 1653 Huntsville Hwy
    (3)Best Western 931.433.0100 3021 Thornton Taylor Parkway
    (4)Budget Inn 931.433.4193 3155 Huntsville Hwy (7 miles south)

    Riders meet on Friday night before ride,6 pm Lake Hill Motors..Food served
    This is an important meeting. Please try to attend.
    Sam Correro.............TransAmericaTrail LLC
    Dwayne McLemore....Lake Hill Motors

    Lake HIll Motors/TransAmericaTrail 2 Day DualSportRide May 18-19,2013



    Email_______________________________PHONE_________ ________

    (1)...BASIC (self navigation) includes very detailed maps/rollcharts. Must have
    trip odometer with easy/fast reset to zero..Holder not included.
    (please indicate $80) YES___NO___
    (2)...BASIC PLUS : Includes basic AND gps tracks.
    (please indicate $100) YES___NO___
    (3)...GPS TRACKS ONLY: (garmin.gdb) sent via email. Must have MapSource
    or Basecamp(free download from Garmin) loaded in your computer.
    I can send free gps test track. (please indicate $40) YES___NO___
    (4)...GUIDE WITH AN OPTION : I have selected an option from above and I
    want to add a guide. (please indicate $30) YES___NO___
    (5)...JUST A GUIDE: None of the options above. I just want to ride.
    (please indicate $60) YES___NO___
    (6)...Rollchart Holder if needed. (please indicate $30) YES___NO

    A ride on public roads is hazardous and can result in injury or dealth. I release
    LakeHill Motors and TransAmericaTrail/Sam Correro of any fault or damages
    related to this ride..Signed_____________________________date_____ ___
    Checks Payable to Sam Correro PO Box 2461 Corinth, MS 38835
    Please return by April 18 to ensure your registration and your quide.

    And this could be you !!!

  2. DrLewall

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    Aug 20, 2008
    Drakes Creek, AR
    :hmmmmm Interesting! Wish I could attend..y'all have fun! :thumb
  3. sieg

    sieg Wearing out tires......2 at a time, day after day.

    Jul 9, 2008
    Southern Illinois USA
    how many riders generally show up for this?
  4. BigDogAdventures

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    Sep 13, 2003
    Mt. Vernon, Illinois
    I'm thinking there were about 70 last year--------I just talked to Sam and he said he thought there would be about 38 this year------------you can ride this ride alone if you like if you have his rollcharts or gps files.

    PM sent to you Sieg.

    I will be riding my Husky down from my house to the ride---may pack full camping gear but dump it for the ride.
    If Sieg goes----------he'll do this to me :rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl
    He always runs me off into a hole----------but helps me pull it out.


  5. HOMER69

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    May 21, 2009
    Hey guys got plenty of tent space for fri night 7 miles from lakehill