Transporting Bikes to Europe for a Year Long Adventure

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    Small shipping company, eager to serve. No I don't work there - anymore.

    Another even smaller company, also eager to serve. Don't work here either.

    ...and the not so small company, which I accidentally work for:

    You should ask the companies to include all fares in their offer, and have them do all the paperwork, because it can be very tedious. There's insurance and CO2 fare to consider as well.
    Rotterdam is the main and biggest container-hub for Europe, it should be the cheapest destination, but ask the individual company for advice on that part.

    If you want to go to all countries in Europe, you need this company to get to Iceland and Faroe Islands: -
    If you as I like getting fancy national flags on your panniers, consider Shetland and Orkneys, Hebrides, Faroe Islands, Ă…land, Lapland and Scania - they all have their own national flags, despite not being independent countries. Plan your trip to Kalinigrad/Russia very carefully when navigating the Baltic region.
    Gibraltar, The Channel Islands and other self-governing British Islands also have own flags.

    Have a nice trip
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    I used Wallenius Whilhemson. This is the actual shipping company. They offer RoRo Service to many ports in Europe from many ports in the US. You will need to use a shipping agent. You will need to deliver the bikes to a port. I've shipped to Antwerp and Bremerhaven and out if Barcelona back to US. It's about $1300 each way including port fees, shipping fees and agent fees. This is uncrated Roll On Roll Off. My bikes always arrived, no damage. You will need to find your bike at whichever port you select. That can be interesting. The trip will take about 10 days, but you'll need to deliver the bike to the port a few days earlier. No insurance is included.
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    I shipped with Stefan in 2012 and took two big rides in Europe. Shipped from Orlando to Heidelberg like you. I have had the bike there since May 2012, and plan to leave it there for a long time.

    Regarding vehicle registration, my US registration seems to be good indefinitely, as my residence remain US based. I never heard of "tourist plates". Your US plates will get you a lot of attention in Europe, marking you as an adventure tourist. You should carry copies of your US based vehicle registration document with you as local police and some border guards in Eastern Europe seem to want to see that at time.

    When I shipped, my paperwork included vehicle title (New York State) and it had one lien (BMW NA) and NO PROBLEMS with Stefan or Customs. I'm sure BMW NA would be pissed if the bike got destroyed in Europe, who knows what my US insurance would say, but I don't plan to tell them. You may be more concerned. I plan to eventually pay off the BMW loan and cancel the US insurance.

    You will need to buy green card insurance for the time you are actually riding the bike in Europe. Stefan can handle that for you too.

    If the bike breaks down you will need some roadside assitance/towing service and you can get insurance for that through Stefan for 12 months cheap.

    If you break, and need medical attention you will need medical insurance. Check with you US carrier for coverage. Good luck with that. I bought some supplemental medical policy through Stefan by the month to get me emergency coverage, etc. was also inexpensive.

    Overall, this process has been a very pleasant one.
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    Hello fellows. If you decide to travel through Lithuania, Kaunas city and you will need some help: motorcycle service (I can recommend few small services who is very professionally take care of my motorcycles), affordable accommodation, or simply sleep in my home at one night, or someone else's, you can contact me.
    I also participate in couch surfing program and will be happy to spend day with guests - motorcycle riders, if I will be free.

    Notify me PM when you really know your plans.
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    Virginia requires me to have insurance in order to keep the bike registered. I keep the absolute minimum liability on it to satisfy that requirement - well under $100/year

    Also consider an air evacuation policy with MedJet or similar. Handy riding around the US & Canada, too. Also, for an extra $25, they'll ship your bike back to your home.