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    Good questions from a responsible dog person! In my experience Doggles offered minimal protection and often shifted out of position. With Barley (55000 miles in a sidecar) we had an agreement that if he remained behind the windscreen he didn't have to wear the Doggles. With Tulliver I upgraded to RexSpecs. They proved to be much more comfy and on our recent 7000 mile trip (VT to UT and CO and back) he never once tried to remove them. The lenses, even the clear lenses, have great UV protection in addition to wind-borne hazards.

    Wind noise was a concern. I put my iphone in the hack with a decibel meter app to check that out. When cruising at my normal speeds it recorded 55-65 dBA, not in the hazardous range for humans. (No data for dogs.) The only time it went above 90 was at full throttle and that was only occasionally.

    I worry about big ears flapping in the wind, though. When Tulliver sticks his head outside the windshield for long periods I've found that a doo-rag keeps the ear flaps in place rather well, and the RexSpecs help keep it in place.

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    I just started taking my pup for short rides to see if she would agree to it. Same problem as everyone else with the doggles. She pushes them up. I'll have to look into rexspecs if we're going to keep riding. For now she stays in my tank bag attached to me.
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    @DRONE, you might have some advice to share.
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    I just went on a long-trip, approx. 2300 miles, with a pillion and my 6.5 month old, 15 lb puppy, riding in her Pet Palace. She did wonderfully fantastic on the trip!

    She wore her RexSpecs 'decently' the first half of the trip...until she chewed through one of the securing straps. She was unable to wear the RexSpecs for the remainder of the trip. With the puppy, being closely behind the pillion, I don't think there is much wind concern for her eyes. Not sure on the possibility of it being too loud...the Pet Palace is pretty close to the end of the exhaust?

    I did buy some dog nose UV protection cream called Dog NoseIt and applied this 2-3x/day. Her nose didn't get white and/or chapped at all. All in all she loved the trip and jumps up onto the bike in the garage hoping we are going to go for a ride!
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