TT Roadhouse-Bike Night Tuesday 8/23

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    Edit, don't know where my head is...tonight Tuesday October 23, year of our lord 2012.

    Ok, it's been a while and the weather has finally cooled.

    $1 PBR cans, and all the old school punk and hipster greaser wannabees you can stand. I'll be there about 8pm and will try to round up the usual eastside reprobates for a few trash cans.

    2915 N 68th St
    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    Here's what yelper Stephanie E. of Socttsdale had to say:
    OH T.T.
    at first you were intimidating...all these crazy people fumbling out of your doors....the odd screaming coming from the patio. Not to mention your lack of elbow room that causes your patrons to drunkenly shoulder check each other all night...but now i've grown to accept you. I don't love you yet...i'm still seeing other people...but i feel that we may have a future. see you soon T.T. like in a couple hours....

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