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Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by backdrifter, Jun 5, 2005.

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    Dec 11, 2006
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    How do you deal with spokes that loosen normally? Every bike I've ever owned has needed the spokes tightened, sometimes as often as once a month when new.

    One of the techniques I've seen covered the nipple with a substance that prevented sealing against the nipple. Leaves it in a pocket that itself is sealed to the wheel, but the nipple can be turned inside the pocket.
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    I have 10K on my wheels and they are still true and tight(Never had to touch them), but it is a supermoto and I only ride on the street.
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    My spokes don't loosen. I keep expecting them too, but they don't. I trued them and torqued them to spec before making them tubeless. The front has'nt loosened in over 10,000 paved and dirt miles. Behr rims on a Husaberg.

    I did true my rear before the last tire change. Turned most of them and got the wheel perfect. Had one leaker I found with soapy water. Was changing the tire so just put another coat of black RTV on the leaker.

    Did all of them actually for piece of mind since I had just turned them. Piece of cake.

    4 minute repair, I woke up and the tire was flat. With a tube it would have been a flat roadside and required a new tube. I would have definatly rode it home sitting way up on the tank rather than trying to fix it roadside.

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    this tape is very easy to apply on flat wide surface like a rear wheel for a supermoto. After a successful installation on my rear wheel, I was confronted by a completely curved surface on my front wheel. I ended up with a small leak in on of the spokes. I still have to see what went wrong.
    Be extra careful aligning the tapes on a curved rim. You think it is straight but it could go either ways when you push in the middle to seat tape.
    Does anyone have any info on how to section repair this Outex tape? I am still waiting for them to reply to my quiery.
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    Could yo please name one???