Tuner In Florida to handle the jetting

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    Hi there. I had my 05 950 Adv at a shop and they fixed my midrange lean issue but in the process it just doesnt idle properly. I do not have the time to tear it down and go through trial and error (and based what I read its not the easiest to get things right with these carbs). I travel overseas quite a bit so my time needs to be spent riding. I am in central Florida and looking to find a shop to bring the bike to that possibly has a dyno and some experience with these bikes and can do what is necessary to get them right once and for all. I plan on keeping the bike so I see it as money well spent. I was recommended regarding motors to these guys

    and a KTM dealer in Holley Hill recommended them and supposedly do engine work for some of the teams. Course may not be applicable to my specific case. Anybody know of these guys? Will be will drive to Georgia if need be just tired of having things not right. I have posted in the regional forum as well but if someone reading can shed some light, that would be great.