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    Nov 4, 2012
    Ladies and Gents,

    I am looking at at trip in 2014 from Turkey to Australia. The plan is to ship my (or our bikes depending if my collegues get on board) to Turkey in April either Izmir or Istanbul. From there attend the dawn service at Gallipoli (I had initially planned this for the 100th anniversary but I believe there will be a ballot type system to get there for that).

    After that the plan is to follow the silk route trough Turkey, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan,Kyrgyzstan,Kazakhstan,China, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Timor Leste.

    This project is in it's very very early stages.

    I have research as to which countries require carnets and also shipping my bike to Turkey and the boat from either Singapore or Dili squared away.

    So apart from that I would appreciate anybody's knowledge in relation to this trip. I have done some initial searching on the net but there is alot of conflicting information as to permits, international driving licences, riding in China and crossing borders.

    Any info would be greatly received.


    Stinger dog
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    Well I just guess what Im doing at the moment.
    Ok China you can forget that it just costs to much(6500euros), we wanted to go that route as well. We went Turkey, Iran Turk/ Uzbe/Kaza/stan then Russia then Mongolia then Russia then Japan shipped the bike to Bangkok and at the moment sitting in Thailand and going across Malaysia next week.
    Will be riding around Australia and if you want I can drop by and give you a few hints..
    Have Web page WWW.thataway.de most in german just click you way through and find the english blog and photos.
    Myself I'm from NZ
    Also try and find "time to ride" on the net they are somewhere in Aust at the moment and they too might drop by.

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    6500€ probably won't be enough these days to get you from Kazakhstan to Laos. Doing China on your foreign vehicle is legalized robbery. Only if you can find a group to join and split guide costs, it might become somehow tolerable (still very expensive). That kind of money goes a LONG way elsewhere in Asia!

    In that part of the world carnet is required for Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Oz (for foreigners going to Oz, I mean). Iran and Malaysia officially require it, too, but there are reports of going without carnet. I don't know, how it would work out, because I had one. Coming thru land border from Thailand, Malaysian authorities seemed very relaxed, so could have entered without carnet. But shipping in/out could be different.

    Countries north side of Afghanistan & China, no carnet required.