Twin Cities SW Fall Color Gravel Road Tour

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    The track starts and finishes in Plymouth, since that's where I live. You can find your own way home, but I made use of the fast-track Hwy 212 to get to the good stuff in a hurry. To follow the gravel as much as was feasible, there is a lot of twists and turns that would be easy to short-cut if you get tired of the dust, but this route really is a lot of fun on a sunny Fall day. There are a couple of County Parks near Henderson that I marked. I like to hike around in river valleys, and I found both of these parks interesting and somewhat secluded. There is also a minimum maintenance loop just North of Henderson that is finally dry enough to be open. There is nothing technical on this route, but the fun factor is definitely high.


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    AdvRonski thanks for the tip. I grew up in Plymouth and now live in Robbinsdale.