Twisted Throttle and Oxford Heated Grips

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by tyesai, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. tyesai

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    Jan 20, 2010
    I installed some of those heated grips from Oxford on my bike and they are simply amazing as even in Southern Spain it gets a bit nippy and they are the perfect thing to cut the chill. Anyone that doesn't have them for $80 you can't go wrong even if you are a fair weather rider. Anyway unfortunately after about two weeks of being installed on the bike I went out to find the controller on, the grips hot, and the battery too discharged to turnover the bike. Apparently the controller went out on it as I could turn the temp up and down but was unable to shut it off. An e-mail to Twisted Throttle explaining the situation and I had a new controller in my hands a week later. All to often we gripe about customer service but rarely report the good. I was really impressed as I figured that I would get some kind of "static" or song dance about getting a replacement but I didn't and for that I'm appreciative!

    BTW the new controller is installed and my grubby mitts were especially thankful this morning.
  2. VStromTom

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    Do you have it wired thru a switched circuit? If not, you should consider doing so. That way when the key is off you can't leave the grips turned on.

    Good report on TW also. Nice to hear.
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    I'm happy we "passed the test" and that you took the time to post a positive experience. For every bad experience you see online we literally field hundreds; if not thousands, of positive pre-sale and post-sale interactions. I'm sure you made it easy for us to help you out as well. We do our best customer service with customers who think reasonably and work with us to resolve a problem. Thank you for that as well.

    VStromTom is right. Using our accessory Power Hub is a good idea. It makes any item either "Switched" to turn off with the motorcycle or "Constant" that will always have power. naturally, for heated grips you would want to choose a switched connection. Enjoy the riding over in Spain. How about a picture?