Two Germans riding the Panamericana might need some help in southern Mexico

Discussion in 'Latin America' started by ellig, Aug 10, 2014.

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    Two friends of mine started their journey of a lifetime two month ago: They flew their bikes (BMW F800 and R1150 GS) from Germany to Anchorage, rode up to Dead Horse and then all the way south.
    I've been on vacation in California and managed to meet them some weeks ago in San Diego. It was very inspiring to hear their stories and a somewhat bizarre moment for me to say good bye knowing there are another six month on the road to go.

    Both of them have a blog in German:
    Andy's facebook page (available for non members too):

    Now on topic:
    They are now in Salina Cruz, Mexico and their spare tires, all camping gear (lone rider mototent) and rain- and thermo-inserts have been stolen from a barbwire fenced and monitored hotel's parking lot. At the moment they are busy to find replacements, whereby camping gear has lower priority since they decided to stop at a hotel further on.

    I assume that this stuff will pop up on the black market there soon. If by any chance members from the Oaxaca area spot one of the items then please remember this post. Feel free to contact Andy on facebook (he speaks some English) or send me a message and I will forward it.

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    My friend drove his Mercedes down to Tijuana and parked it on the street for only a couple of hours. They broke his back window and stole a bunch of military gear out of the backseat.

    A couple weeks later I went down to the fleamarket in Tijuana with him and we saw some of his stuff for sale. He bought all of his stuff back and the prices were cheap. The vendor he bought it from is a lady who he has been buying military gear from for years.

    I would not worry too much about trying to get the police involved. It is too bad that they had some stuff stolen but it is all part of the cost of traveling.
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    Forget it and move on. That's my advice.
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    If they look for replacement, their best option on the way south is Guatemala .
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    Costa Rica!!!
    Yeap, Guatemala and Costa Rica are the best places to find/buy that kind of equipment