Two Moto Kiwis Arctic To Antarctic May 2012...

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  1. RMOTO

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    Mar 7, 2010
    New Zealand
    After a big crash and being sprawled out on the ground, apprehensively picking our heads up to evaluate if we can still wiggle all 10 fingers and toes is a concerning task to say the least. As we then move our focus to look over are see the state of our beloved bike it is often about at this point that negative thoughts can enter our heads such as “what the hell are you doing, this is a farking dangerous sport, is it worth the risk?”.

    As a few days pass the body starts to heal and we are able to get back on the bike; it doesn’t take long to reconfirm why we do it. It only takes one stretch of amazing tarmac, or one fantastic twisting run of gravel road, or one epic challenging off-road section to fill the body with adrenalin and excitement to know exactly why we ride.
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  2. DrydenRider

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    Feb 10, 2009
    Just ahead of a flat line.
    Man that is some scary, will need time to heal both physically and emotionally. Be the rock.

    The gods were smiling on her, wishing you best in getting back mobile again.
  3. terryckdbf

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    Jun 1, 2006
    Perry, Ga
    Wow, what a shame. I am glad she came out of it about the best one could. Hoping she heals well.

    Bt the way, there are less painful ways to get rid of the troublesome bikes than that.

    Be safe, we are still following along.

  4. Two Moto Kiwis

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    Apr 12, 2007
    Wanaka, New Zealand, ....What Trip!!!
    Hey all

    Appreciating the props and get wells.

    Today I established that the frame is bent up by the headstock and the bike walks sideways and I have to hold on tight with my left hand to keep it straight so without sugar coating it ... it's fucked.:cry

    Ellen has said that is it for her riding, three times in one week with the last one being as close as you can get to REAL bodily damage and getting away with ...that is a sign that we will read and I can't stand by and watch her wreck herself as it hurts me.

    The towing company wankers stole our Trangia cookset then denied it was even there, we had photos so I said I will get the Policia, they then came over to the Hotel and said it was in the other truck (Busllshit) and had gone to Guadulajara and will be back in four hours so will just drop it in then.

    They did give it back but they are a pack of lying wankers standing there denying it was even there, if I HAD a gun they would all be dead now and it would be worth it.

    Fast forward to this afternoon, our insurance company that we took full insurance with on the understanding that it was a RTW trip south so they knew our plans suddenly said we are NOT insured south of the USA border ... WTF, so we have a current full policy that does not cover us, WTF are we paying for????

    So GEICO and the biggest pack of lying wankers right up there with the tow truck drivers :baldy:baldy :kboom:kboom, now we don't even now if we were covered in Canada .. .what happens there??

    Anyone insured with GEICO check your policy so they don't leave YOU thousands out of pocket like they have us.

    So we have a stuffed bike, no insurance from our insurer, not sure what else can go wrong here.

    Sorry to put up a pissy post but fuck me at this point in time the shit just isn't worth it anymore, you think and are lead to believe you are doing and have done the right thing only to get the shit beaten out of you when you are down.

    Rant over, as you were.
  5. roscoau

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    Jan 16, 2009
    Pambula, NSW
    Hang in there, you still have each other! I understand your fury though... sometimes adversity uncovers people who are gems, sometimes it uncovers turds.

  6. GuateRider

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    Jan 2, 2008
    Antigua , Guatemala
    Just found out what happened , que mierda !!!
    I'm so sorry and hope Ellen will get better soon .

    Since you are talking about plan A, B .... Did you ever consider riding 2 up ?
    We are doing it fo 10 month now and we got everywhere between Guatemala and Alaska . I know it's not the same , but keep in mind that the from Mexico down south the road doesn't get any better ...

    I'm in Puebla right now , if there is anything I can do to assist you guys in any way , just let me know .
  7. Scott_PDX

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    Oct 18, 2010
    Portland...the newer one on the left side.
    Andi and Ellen,

    Late to the story, just saw Ellen's crash cross-posted from another ride report. From my quick browse of your story, you two have seen a fair share of adventuring! Can't wait to digest through the whole story later tonight when I have time. Lovely pictures and stories, and I hate to see the adventure end. Hope you can find ways to continue your journey and wish you all the best of [continued] health.

    Oh and...yes...fuck GEICO...bastards! Hopefully there is some fine print you have you can hold them to. Their first reaction is often to not pay-up, but I'd continue to press the issue expecially if you have any communications about what you needed the insurance for (I.e. RTW not US ONLY trip). Hopefully some insurance experts can give you some advice. You might want to post the crash if "Face Plant" section here, along with a "Help with Insurance Denial" plea.

    Maybe another alternative to the DR's might be....

    Same adventure, slower pace, less hurty [potential].

    Stay safe!

    -= Scott
  8. Padmei

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    Mar 12, 2008
    Nelson New Zealand
    Jeez guys that pic of Ellens bike is scary. I don't blame ya for sounding out -what a pack of scumbags but take a few breaths & sit tight til she feels better.
    If there is anything the KB crew can do from over here just sing out.

    if it was me I would swap the bikes at this stage for an old cool bronco or similar... just throwing things out there...:evil

    kia kaha
  9. GordYukon

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    Jan 24, 2011
    Canada - South America
    Andy & Ellen. So sorry to hear about crash from Yolanda & John. La Manzanilla is a lovely place to recuperate and ponder next move. Lots of Love out there for You. Ciao mes amis - Gordalix
  10. Jettn Jim

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    Mar 28, 2010
    NE PA Some... PNW Some... On HIGH ADVENTURE Most!
    Just found this too from another thread.... Sorry brother and sista... glad your injuries are minor in a major picture!
    I'd deffinately press them and talk up line to one supervisor to another until you get this cleared up!
    Better if you have some paper or emails rather than just their word of mouth, please keep us posted and maybe we can round up some $ with a cash fund???

  11. PaleoK9

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    Oct 22, 2007
    I am mostly a lurker and a reader. Been following your report every day of your trip.
    I have GEICO and I am cancelling my policy and citing this issue you have reported.
    At some point enough of this corporate BS is enough.
  12. hondav2

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    Dec 5, 2004
    New Zealand , Fiordland
    The main thing is Ellen will get better . I just seen Ellen on skype but line was so bad I couldn't hear her . I didnt know about the crash till i checked on here, Time to rest up , dont make any major decisions till Ellen is better . BTW Sid done very well at the Burt Munroe races, I didnt get to Sat track but went to sunday street races , he had more wins than 2nds for the day. Cheers Toddy
  13. gunnerbuck

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    Nov 19, 2005
    N.V.I, B.C.
    Wow! very sorry to here the news... Your share of bad luck is way over quota:
    One bike is knackered?
    Insurance co. wont provide coverage?
    Ellen has lost all confidence to ride after this incident?

    GuateRider mentioned going 2 up, but from my time riding with you I could see that the DRs smallish chassis is not a great 2 up platform... So what are the options?

    : Swap for a bigger framed bike and continue 2 up?
    : Swap for a cheap cage and do what you can to make the best of it?
    : Modify the DR as best you can and continue on the one bike?
    : Call it quits and find a nice beach resort for Ellen to rest and recover at before heading home?

    Whatever you decide, fingers Xed that it all works for the best...
    Ellen, I hope your feeling better soon...

  14. Yukoner2

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    Sep 30, 2008
    I was following this RR before I met you at D2D, and I have been following since. I hope Ellen is up to continueing on, be it on two wheels or more. This is a trip of a lifetime, so I hope it does not get cut short. On the other hand, I hope nothing else goes wrong and you are both safe after this. Keep up with the travels and take care. Jon
  15. Phreaky Phil

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    Mar 18, 2006
    Hey guys, absolutely bummed to see this. We had a hiccup with our travel insurance with Tower, luckily we found it before we left. They would not cover us over 2500 meters. So we had to cancel and start looking again. Bad luck if you go skiing in Colorado.
    I hope Ellen has a speedy recovery.
    The DR can be a 2 up bike. Might have to drop some luggage.
    If you decide to try it 2 up and If i can be of any help please contact me.

    Cheers Phil & Dawn
  16. SkycamNZ

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    Jul 21, 2008
    As you know Andi and Ellen, I'm not given to blasphemy. But I have to admit to hearing things coming out of my mouth as I was reading 'THE' post and looking at the pictures, that I had no control over. If I were Catholic, I would have been up for MANY Hail Mary's.

    Saying that I'm feeling shattered for you at this recent turn of events doesn't start to cover it. To say nothing of helpless while here on the wrong side of the world. The bike and insurance situation (as of at the moment) is a major blow. But at least at looks like E. is going to be OK. That's the single most important thing.

    Not sure that I can add anything to the thoughts that have already been offered. But yes, do see virtue in not making major decisions until the dust has settled.

    It sure is clear though that you have been giving many people much pleasure with your excellent blog and photos. The offers of support and well-wishes here show how many people care about you both. It would be very cool if you could get to continue in one way or another, but certainly there are things that will need to be pondered first.

    May the Force be with you. BOTH of you...
  17. holckster

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    Jun 29, 2006
    Lodi, Ca
    Hope Ellen feels better soon and all the details work themselves out.
  18. Night Falcon

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    Dec 25, 2008
    New Zealand
    Sorry to see you guys go through another trial on your amazing adventure. I have followed your thread and enjoyed your reports and photos like many others here. One thing that has stood out to me is your good old Kiwi spirit to take the good with the bad and make the most of it. So I know you will get through this bad patch; Time and chance happens to all men; theiving insurance companies and dishonest tow truck drivers are a global scurge so don't let them get to you. You sorted the towie by sticking to your guns, do the same with the insurance never know what a little perserverance can acheive! Ellen is going to be ok so that is worth celebrating.

    Keep ya chins up
  19. Nevada Rider

    Nevada Rider World Geo Rider

    Apr 8, 2012
    Mezcala, Guerrero, Sierra Madré del Sur, Mexico
    Ok Andi, Let me know after things settle down for you two. Two up from here?

    Take care.

  20. Two Moto Kiwis

    Two Moto Kiwis Homeless Somewhere

    Apr 12, 2007
    Wanaka, New Zealand, ....What Trip!!!
    Thanks JD

    Ok, Ellen is done riding, so two up from here (I think we will continue).

    So our options are two up on two wheels or a three legged Ural.

    Two up, me being a hobbit the F800GS or the Triumph 800XC would be the best option, I love my KTMs but two up and loaded would not be easy for me, we need more room than the DR as we will be spending another 18 ish months on this bike pending on when our money runs out.

    .... anyone know about the BMW in Guadalajara??, any good? rep?

    Two up on three, ok considering a hack, late model or a new Ural 2x drive.

    Our luxury of carrying gear on two bikes is gone either way so we will liten up incredibly from here.

    Anyone with good, useful, fun or helpful information please chime in and give us the lowdown.

    On that note we will have two DR650s up for grabs kitted for the long haul, my bike is fine, has brand new Ti chains and sprockets on board, heidenaus etc and has been sorted out.

    Ellens bike is bent, not sure exactly where but I think up by the headstock, it is ridable but you can feel the bend.

    Not sure what to do from here, this was NOT on the game plane, our full cover insurance now say no cover in Mexico so we are looking down a black hole of money, this will hurt. :cry

    Such is life, we are both still alive and getting weller by the day (well Ellen anyway) ... I am just getting grayer so we have to pick up dust off and thank the gods of motorcycles that Ellen binned in a soft place so for that I am grateful.

    Ok, now to replace the wheels, please come forward with some suggestions based on the above.

    Love to all and thanks for all the PM's, emails etc, we are very very luckly to have supportive ADV family, you guys rock. :clap