TwoNav - Have you heard anything?

Discussion in 'Mapping & Navigation' started by SepticSkeptic, Jun 6, 2009.

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    It's been reported that they are looking to break into the US market from Europe. They appear to have very nice features. Do any of your overseas inmates have any experience with thier products?

    I've been looking for something that does auto routing, Topo, Aerial photos, and 3d. Compatibility and versatility and a comprehensive list of features without a bunch of gimmicky crap like flashlights and crappy cameras. Ease of use and a nice display would be nice too. Suitable for both on and off road.


    Aventura features:


    Video of thier software on a tablet PC:

    On a Nokia N95:
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    I've been watching and waiting for the emergence of this excellent-looking device in Australia.
    I'm about to buy my first GPS and my thinking is that if I can afford it, I might as well get the best one to start with, rather than settling for a cheaper compromise to start with.

    Here's a thread I found on the GPSAustralia forums. "Nicko" is the owner of the forum, and the shop linked at the top right. Seems to be just on the verge of releasing them for sale.

    Hoping to hear about the durability and bike functionality, would think there ought to be some info around from Europe, but it's hard to find much real-world feedback anywhere yet.