Undesireables on the road

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    Oct 4, 2007
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    50 years of camping, never had a run in with 'undesirables'. IMO the risk is way overstated, you hear a lot about the one camping trip that went south.. and nothing about the millions of camping trips that go fine. Certainly some areas are going to be riskier than others, understand the risks and manage them with the tools/skills you have available.
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  2. DirtyOldMan

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    May 2, 2006
    Never been to some of the exotic places lots of ya'll have, but I've camped all over Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri . No one's ever asked me to the prom.
    If I camp alone I keep a pistol in the tent though. My only objective with that would be to convince someone to leave me alone long enough to pack up and leave.
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    Yep, this. Most people, and by "most" I mean like 99.999% are OK, especially at up close & personal levels. Even someone who, at first glance, given whatever signs, might SEEM potentially whacko, are probably OK if you give them a minute or two, AND TREAT THEM AS YOU WOULD ANYONE ELSE. Watch out for that tiny tiny % of whomever is left over- but I've never seen them in all my life of camping. Or traveling in general, for that matter.

    In general, you get back that which you put forth into the world, so act normal and get normal in return. At least that is my experience.
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    I have run into a couple of shifty folks in my years of camping and travel, but I have yet to be confronted by a situation that got out of hand. I do tend to research my trips and stay out of sketchy places. The most recent one was a guy in Arkansas that rode a 50cc scooter up to our camp and wouldn't leave us alone for a day or so. (annoying and sketchy, but not dangerous) I figure most people are OK, however I do exercise my 2nd amendment rights when I travel. Situational awareness is good policy.
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  5. jonz

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    The worst I've ever experienced were loud drunks. Earplugs help except when I was one of the loud drunks :freaky
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  6. Eigerhiker

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    Aug 1, 2009
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    The only run-in I've had was in high school. Two friends and myself had just set-up camp when a guy from a camp spot down the road (we were in a national forest) came over and started talking to us. He was slightly intoxicated and just seemed interested in friendly conversation. About an hour later his girlfriend walks over (scantily clad :-) and tells him to come back to their camp, we supported that suggestion! they both stayed for a little while and then went back to their camp. Nothing unusual occurred and we were friendly and polite to both of them. Later that night he came back way more intoxicated and holding a rock. He was talking nonsense and saying we better not come near his camp and that he saw us looking at his girlfriends ass and toes :-)

    We assured him we had no intention of going to his camp and that we were going to bed soon. He kept berating and threatening us until one of my friends couldn't tolerate any more. On a side note, all three of us were state champion wrestlers at the time. We were raised well and rarely ever got into arguments, fights or weird situations. Just polite and friendly young guys that were good at wrestling. Vince had the shortest fuse of the three of us and finally made it clear that "dude" was not welcome in our camp and he had to leave. all three of us were standing at this point.

    He finally left but spent the next hour yelling from his camp down the road. We just relaxed until he stopped rambling then we turned in for the night. the next day he drives by and says he riding into town and asked if we needed anything from the store :-)
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