Ural tire question...why not use what the Beemers use???

Discussion in 'Hacks' started by Spicy McHaggis, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Spicy McHaggis

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    Okay so one of the complaints from us Ural riders is tires are either very expensive, too cheap, or hard to find.

    So I'm thinking...what do the guys with the 1200GSA's with hacks do for THEIR tires on the tug? Looking at some pics, I'd say they ride with what they usually use.

    So...why not do the same for the Ural?

    Someone on Soviet Steeds found the Michelin Anakee in 100/90-19 57 H. I believe that is the same size (roughly) as the stock 4.00-19 tires that are on my GearUp now. The 57 H refers to the rated weight (507#/130mph). I just found the TKC80 in a 100/90-19 57 S. Heck, I just found a bunch of dual sport tires that I see the Beemer dudes ridin' with.

    How much does a freakin' 1200GSA with a sidecar weigh? Looks like a 2007 GSA is about 560# wet. Add in a sidecar and frame and maybe add 150-200# back into the equation, bringing the total dry weight to around 700-750#. The Ural's total dry weight is about 740#.

    We know the Beemer can go faster than the Ural, so the speed rating shouldn't be an issue...right? Would it just be the weight that would be the issue?

    So...why can't I use tires for the Beemer on the Ural?


  2. kliff

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    Use what you want. Your research has revealled some excellent candidates.

    Why follow the pack?
  3. heindlengineeringura

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    It all has to do with load rating and liability issues.

    The ural has a Gross Vehicle rating of 1340 lbs, divide that by 2 if you are flying the chair, gives you 670 lbs. So if you don't overload your rig, then you need a tire that is rated for at least 670 lbs.

    That being said, a lot of folks will run whatever they want. When it comes to selling a tire, a dealer will sell you whatever tire you want, but when it comes to mounting, that is another story. Liability if they know it is going on a sidecar rig.

    We are in the process of resolving tire supply issues for both the Duro and the Heidenau Tires. We just keep working to this and hopefully it will be better soon.
  4. Mully

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    1. The Anakees and TKCs are radials and designed to run tubeless. Ural wheels are spoked and can't be run tubeless, so you'd have to put a tube in a tubeless tire: the radial's characteristic sidewall flexing with a tube installed would create friction between the tube and carcass that could lead to tube failure - not a good thing.
    2. There is very little clearance between the pusher tire and the driveshaft on a Ural; probably would have interference. (saw a Kenda 335 last weekend that was rubbing the shaft)

    Other than that, run anything you can get on the rim. :evil

  5. Ivan Rider

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    I have been using the same tires on my Ural that I used on my BMW Airhead for years. Avon 400x18 SM MK II. They get 2 times the milage as the Uralshina tire. I had to convert the Ural to 18" wheels to do so but now Avon makes a 400x19 that I'm trying on my New GearUp.
  6. Bonnie & Clyde

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    +1 on the Avon
    Yep we have the 19' Avons on ours too. They seem to be lasting a lot longer. We have about 2,500 ks on them and the rear pusher looks great.