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    Certainly a valid viewpoint.
    I think every rider should make a cross country trip at least once and it is a rite of passage.
    But I think the consensus here is that given the time constraints, concentrating the travels in the west will be a more rewarding experience.
    All long trips are virtually assured of some experiences that suck at the time, but that will make the journey more memorable.

    Besides, a cross country trip on the north/south axis is a worthy endeavor in and of itself. :deal :D
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    :rickyMy trip last Oct. was from Seattle into Canada and down to Mexico then home to Ky. All good !
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    The shuttle takes a different route, there is a public road you can ride through Zion.
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    I did a very similar trip last year. I went from NY to SF and back around, 18 days, ~7400 miles, and I got to spend a couple of days in some places, i.e. grand canyon, sf, etc. Most people here will be trying to talk you out of it and tell you that you won't enjoy it. Though, you just have to ask yourself, what do you enjoy?

    Back to the suggestions, I had a ridiculous time pass through the UT and CO area you've got in your trip. The weather can be very unpredictable with the elevations. I had encountered multiple snow storms and etc. I'd recommend a heated jacket and some toe warmers if you don't have heated socks. Also, I see that you're passing by St. George, FYI, it'll be the last In n' Out that you'll see until your return trip. :)
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    You have 3 weeks that's 21 days.

    You can still take several US routes coast to coast. For a start there is Maine US 2 to Seatle. Once you hit NY 2 ends so you have to go north or south of the great lakes then US 2 starts again on the west side of the Great lakes.

    Or take US 6 or US 20 from NY to CA.

    Then there is the Lincoln HWY starts out as US 50 in Wash DC to CA. Some where out west of DC LH follows US 30.

    You won't see America on the interstates. However you can go coast to coast in 5 days riding them. Round trip in 10 days. Though the only stopping you will do is food, gas, bathroom, sleep stops.

    You have 21 days.

    These old US routes are about 3,200 miles long.

    3200/21=153 miles a day.

    Regional rides are good. Though nothing says road trip as a coast to coast run.
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    They've gotta get back home as well, so that would actually be 306 miles per day... Though still very doable.
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    If you live in the LA area why do you want to see more big cities? Airlines will get you to NY and Boston for a long weekend when you can see the sights and enjoy without the 2500 mile scoot in the middle.Cross country (and back) on a bike is a long trip, you'll get the miles in but is that the point?
    You and your girlfriend have decent bikes, spend some time together riding and enjoying the places you can visit and explore. Utah (my favorite), Colorado, Wyoming (wow) Montana, Idaho all great riding destinations. Make a nice loop, see some national parks, do some good riding and spend some time with the lady sightseeing and relaxing. More fun to put your feet up and watch the sunset over a glass of wine than trying to get in another 250 miles before bed.
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    In September 2010, I decided to do cross country and I left a week after. I did not have any plan, routes etc. I took this book [] and followed it all the way to California.

    It took me through such a breathtaking places which I would never have seen otherwise. From Pennsylvania to the Pacific Coast (US -101), I did not pay even a penny for toll tax. :)

    I'd suggest to take the scenic byways all the way even if you can't do the "ROUND" trip.

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    I just bought a copy (4th edition) on ebay for $4.95 shipped
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    From Moab, Consider taking hwy 128 East to connect back up to I-70. Beautiful highway thru the canyons and you dont have to backtrack a previous route. I did a roundtrip last year to Moab from PA via the NorthWest states. I also have a Scrambler, and 500mi a day on a Scrambler can be painfully adventurous depending on your setup! I was much happier when I was on a highway versus an interstate. Consider highway 36 from Denver to Springfield as an example.
    Good Luck.
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    I didn't realize this post had gained some additional comments from when I posted. Sorry I haven't checked back in a while but I thought I would post an update on the trip.

    We have decided to ride the CDR route. (Continental Divide) from New Mexico to Montana, instead of the cross country trip.

    After speaking with some friends who rode the route last fall, we were inspired to make this an adventure ride and leave the slab cross country ride for another day when we have more time, as some of you had suggested. Long interstate hours weren't appealing to us any longer, hence why we decided on something totally different, but more fitting for our time frame.

    Our plan is to make it at least to Yellow Stone, and back down through Utah on slab, depending on weather conditions further up north. It will be an evolving trip depending on many variables but I have done loads of research and were pumped and ready.

    Thanks for all the helpful suggestions!!