USA To Mexico Through Lukeville Up To Date Info For Dummies

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    OK, this is what Ellen and I did, it might have been easier going the Baja route we don't know, this is how our entry unfolded so happy to pass it on to others.

    The TVIP for the bike, Temporary Vehicle Import Permit is $400.00 US and is refundable on you exit of Mexico, payable by cash or Credit/Debt Card.

    There is a $49.00 VISA fee each for you, non refundable so that is your cost.

    Insurance cost us $124 US each bike for 6 months, seemed to be the minimum period, we still have our Geico bike cover which is for full cover and is no use here in Mexico unless they get stolen etc, they have their own rules which means you must cover the other party with Mexican only government approved insurance..... it is a rip!!, note it is govt approved but NOT govt backed.

    We crossed at Lukeville, very easy and polite, they literally wave you through, if you are on a VISA as we were make sure you hand it over the US guys so the govt know you have gone.

    Once through the US side come into the Mexican area and park, only 50 - 60 metres, go back to the immigracion which is on your right hand side when exiting the US, either Pesos or USD works here but you will be better prepared armed with both.

    Note failing a non stop here there is another point about 20 miles down Mex15 that you can still do you VISA immigration stuff, take your chances if the border office is full.

    You will then have to ride nearly 150 km south to a town just past Caborca called Pitiquito on Mex 15, through the town still on the main drag, do not turn off Mex 15, this is all assuming you come in through Lukeville and not say to Baja etc and stay on the main drag in order to get all paperwork sorted.

    You will know when you are at the TVIP place as there is no way through it unless you have the paperwork and the road is completely through the big building which is on the right hand side of the road, if you have not seen it you are not there yet .... simple.

    Beware there is are toll booths there on Mex 15 heading south and one about $90 pesos each, next one about $65 pesos each, there are armed guards with machine guns too so don't piss them off, get used to a large military presence but unless you have something to hide these guys appear to be your mates so be respectful and polite and you will have no drama.

    So that is what we did, I think Baja might be easier being set up a little better for gringos, we decided to go through the mainland wanting to stay away from touristy areas.... we CERTAINLY managed that :eek1 :D ... haven't seen another whiteyfoo yet!!

    Lastly FFS if you have ANYTHING that you need to get for your bike do it BEFORE you exit the US, we have been held up with chains and sprockets and I think we will pay dearly for this, on the other side we exited the US with a bike just back together and a time table tighter than a nuns front bum.

    Cheers Andi & Ellen