Using an in-car GPS on a bike???

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    I have the Navman MY80T and MY30 in the Aldi cover, the only problem has been the usb cigarette plug dies. Just picked up some smaller twin usb ones on evil bay, been working well so far (@3days, 6hours each day rides) As far as tracks been working really well, when I get to a point where the sign is still missing from the fires or some pricks ripped it down, its been picking up all tracks when I have checked.

    HEMA 4WD Tracks (haven't tried as its been picking up all the high country area so far without it)

    Regards Darren.
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    All good info guys.....Cheers.
    I do like the idea of a lockable water/dust proof hard case and if fitted behind the fairing, should be shrowded enough to cut some of the sunlight out.
    A small shroud fitted above the box should also help this I'd say.

    But I might just stop in to Officeworks on the way home this arvo and check out their GPS case.

    As for a wireless connection to an earpiece in a helmet, I read somewhere last night that the GPS commands can be picked up via FM radio.
    Somewhere between 87.5 and 100.
    Tried to do this last night but no luck there yet.
    The post I read stated that with the use of a small & cheap FM receiver / radio etc and earphone speakers fitted to the helmet, the GPS commands were able to be picked up.

    Anyone had any experience with this or similar?
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    I use one in a Ram mount (generic smart phone type) occaisionally.
    Put it in a ziplock bag. You can still use the touch screen.
    Fine for running on internal battery, not quiet so OK if powering off the bike.

    The first Aldi one had FM the later ones bluetooth, hard to pick as they had the same product # not aware of any others with FM

    I wish they would give an option to full screen the top left corner I really only want to know how far to the next corner and which way, something you can pick up in a glance not a look, most of the rest is just noise. OK yeah my eyes are turning to poo...
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    4 seasons on 3 different bikes (+ i use it in the car). Nuvi 200 series from 2007. No issues.