V strom 650 fuel range on a tank of gas???

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  1. MariusD

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    Dec 19, 2012
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    My 2012 650 gets me about 210-230 out of the tank depending on driving conditions. I do a good bit of stop and go commuting to work. I only have 900 miles on the bike at the moment, so it might improve a little when I get more miles on it and it breaks in some more.
  2. pjm204

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    Jan 28, 2010
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    My 2006 will do 56mpg if I ride around 60mph on the highway. When I ride at 85+, it drops to the mid/low 40's. No matter how I ride, I can get over 220 miles to a tank. Best I have seen is probably 270 or 280
  3. timspong

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    May 16, 2011
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    I get 230+ miles before the last bar stArts blinking on my 2012 and I know I have about 8/10 of a gallon left. I can easily do over 250 miles with about 1/2 gal still left in reserve. However, gas Milage goes down to about 45 mpg if I am going over 80mph and range is less.
  4. sierraoffroad

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    Oct 3, 2007
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    my last fill up was 5.3 gals to 298 miles. this is back roads/city mix. i should have filled up a bit sooner since my tank is only 5.7 gals total capacity.
  5. squish

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    Dec 4, 2003
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    I've had two 04s well one one was mine one was the wife's.
    Both of these bikes started the first flashing around 180-190 and the second flash around 200-220.

    We both are heavy handed with acceleration and both bikes had madstads, knuckle guards and a topbox.
    I noticed zero change with and without the hard bags.
    Oh and out of CA where the gas is better the bikes got slightly different mileage.

    On my 12 I'm getting the low gas flash at 200 miles with an indicated 47-49 mpg.

    Updated on the 12,
    220 miles on the last tank with the fuel pump icon having been flashing for a while. I put in 4.something gallons of gas. Topped off to just below the lip of the filler neck with bike on a centerstand.
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    That's about what I get.
  7. Nd2Roam

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    This seems to be the best thread for this experience.

    Bike- 07 DL650 w/ 16t front sprocket, Madstat (Adjusted to very steep angle for this tank of gas, Laminar lip. Filled with premium fuel (usually use 87.)

    I've tracked every fill-up on Fuelly and so far the best mpg I've seen was nearly 62mpg on an Ohio ride where I ran long stretches at around 60 mph. My last tank of fuel has been used 90% to help a new rider gain her confidence … averaging about 45mph. At my most recent fill-up I had 274.4 miles on the odo and the bike only took 4.1 gallons! That's 67 mpg.

    I reset the trip meter religiously and afterward google mapped every road we took to verify, but could only come up with about 255 miles. So, either I'm forgetting about 20 miles I rode over those 2 weeks or there's about a 9% discrepancy between the maps and the odometer/speedometer (likely). Still, If I'm correct that means at scooter speeds the DL650 gets scooter MPG's with the bonus of happily running interstate speeds when called for … this bike is a keeper.