Valkyrie or Ural

Discussion in 'Hacks' started by Nightrunner, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Aug 29, 2008
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    Ultimately it's down to finance and what you ask of an outfit. Urals and Valks have their attributes, but the Honda is made for getting on and riding, again and again. As said previously Ural's are old school and require TLC to give of their best. Plus, and it's a big plus, the Honda will haul anything along, you should see what some have to drag around here in the UK and Europe. Whatever the sidecar it's no problem, it's almost as if the Big H made their flat sixes specifically for sidecar work.

    Bottom line for me would when carrying a loved one around would be reliability, unquestionable performance and comfort. However, whatever you choose, you and your Dad ENJOY.
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    Jan 5, 2003
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    The best one to answer this would be someone who sits in a sidecar. Although my wife is quick to say that our present Formula II has more room than the Ural, she prefered riding in it. In the Motorvation, as in a previous HitchHiker and Palma, she sits low to the ground. Her head is about even with my belt. In the Ural she was up higher, almost to my shoulder. It was much easier to communicate between the Ural and Valkyrie. Go to or SCT and ask the question of passengers rather than owners. You may get a better idea of what will fit your father.