Valley of the Gods ride...Navajo benefit ride.

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What is the best schedule date for Lost for a Reason Navajo children's benefit ride?

  1. Mid May ?

  2. June-July ?

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  1. PigPen67

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    Sep 25, 2012
    [​IMG] Anyone have any input on scheduling for the Benefit ride for Navajo children and families? .... We are looking for donations (Costco gift cards work best) , and we are focusing more on gathering food and clothing right now. Some guys say around the COBDR ride, or around the AZ rallye aound mid May... any input ?... We were first thinking around mid May as well but we are flexible as the main focus is the kids and the needs of the families and organizations helping them... Maybe June?,..July ?.. The only thing set in stone is that we are (and when I say we, I mean YOU and us) going to help out as much as we can . Headshrinker is getting together a list of things they need and we will do our best to collect building materials, non-perishable food, clothing and whatever else they say they need. We will be taking it down in a few company trucks to lighten the load on bikes. We will also be bringing carpentersto help with repairs as needed. Any volunteers would be very welcome !
    Please look up the page at , "like" the page,..send a gift card, ..submit your pics, us get the word out !

    Any questions,... contact us on any of the pages or on ADV !:clap

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    Figured I better vote being the 100th viewer and all.....