Valve adjustments

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    As I don't trust dealers or mechanics other than myself(questionable), I would like to verify the "valve adjustment" the dealer just did.
    The tech stated that out of eight valves, one was loose and one was tight.
    this having no verifiable proof that any of the valves had been adjusted or checked before.
    The bike is a 07 990 s Dakar with 22 k miles

    It also has the biggest flat spot when opening the throttle of any bike I have ever owned. The flat spot was tolerable when I bought it and when I dropped it at the dealer( the previous owner was billed for the adjustment per my purchase agreement). When I got it back the throttle opening was so abrupt that in first gear it rotates up so fast it's suicidal.
    So can anyone give me the skinny on checking the valve clearance myself just to double check b4 I go back to the dealer and ask them to unfuck the bike.
    By advise, I know how to adjust the valves on my c14 concours but have no experience with KTM,s.
    Special tools to get the rocker covers off, etc. I have feeler gauges, and "my dad's a tv repairman, and he's got a killer set of tools".
    Thanks. I like to feel a new bike up after purchase, and so far just did the air filter, and rear spark plug.
    What could the dealer have done to make the on/ off throttle response so much worse. I know why they did it. They have a couple new 1190 s models they would like to sell(can't blame um for trying) but how would be my ?
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    I had that and I believe there were a couple of things involved.
    My lambda sensors where malfunctioning. Your dealer could have caught the cable of the one lambda sensor with the crash bars and made a shortcut. In case you are running a Acrapovic map you will not understand it as the lambda sensors are turned off and you get no error codes. However it seems they have a say in EFI management...
    I suggest you start there and then move on to experimenting with maps and air filters.