velorex 563 as a semi adventure hack??

Discussion in 'Hacks' started by Jimm Dandy, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. Jimm Dandy

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    Nov 15, 2011
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    since I cant afford a DMC or a ural hack I was wonderin what you guys think about the frame on a V 563 on a Strom holdin up to the occasional forest service road and washboards etc.. I realize I cant be bouncin off rocks and trees etc. but would still like to get out into the semi boonies...the rest of the time will be spent w my doggie ride around w me on the asphalt.. she neeeds ro be comfy... what ya think?? THANKS
  2. RedMenace

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    Dec 22, 2001
    it depends on the weights the rig will be hauling(including your weight ;-) and the size bike. You will still want better mounts than the Velorex "universal" mounts, probably a sub frame. You can up grade the suspension, axle and wheel if you find you need to and add a skid plate/rock guard under the plastic tub and the nose. You can even stiffen up the chassis with plate steel. Velorex is light and fragile for off pavement work, but it certainly can and has been done. Not a suitable match for a large displacement adventure bike in my opinion but doable on most 650 and under bikes. If you don't push too hard it can make a fun and useful outfit.

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    I bent the shifter and punched a hole in the exhaust collector on the CB400, but the Velorex 562 was fine. It had some luggage in it, but nothing really heavy. The 563 probably has a little better frame and axle than the 562? pt 1 (boring gravel road sped up) pt 2 (slightly less boring, but mostly more of the same) pt 3 (getting more interesting) pt 4 (funtime) pt 5 (more funtime)

    I think for really nasty stuff, it's more a problem of ground clearance, which the Ural hack has much more of. :3
  4. Motoblag

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    I've run my 562C on a bunch of dirt, gravel and rocky roads. The stock mounts just aren't up to that kind of work. If you replace the two lower mounts with a proper clamp style mount, it's better, and with correct upper mounts it will work okay.

    The wheel leaves things to be desired. Buy a truing setup if you want to romp on it at all.

    My usage is split evenly between fully loaded for camping with my wife as monkey and a 50 pound bag of sand as ballast.
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    Our Kenna sidecar is about the same price as the Velorex at only $3695 and would come with the bike specific mounts for your V strom and as such ends up being less money then the Velorex would be if you are buying it new and then having to buy our build mounts. While the Kenna is lacking ground clearence for off road it has enough for "off pavement" gravel roads and is build very stout. Our Enduro sidecar with the mounts is only $2995 and as such is a lot less when all is said and done then the Velorex. It is a great off road sidecar but the areodynamics and passenger comfort are not all that great for long distance on pavement travel. My general manager built a box that he places in the Enduro sidecar instead of the seat when he wants to bring his dog along. While the M72D does start at $4995 in the long run as this is a sidecar you may own for the rest of your life might be the best long term value for you.
    We do have a V strom in the shop right now for an M72D to be installed. The sidecar body just came back from paint this morning but as we have 5 other rigs ahead of it, it will not be installed until late next week if you wanted to make a trip out to our shop to see how it is all done.
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