Vento reliability?

Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by RiverRat280, Apr 20, 2006.

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    So how reliable are the Vento scooters? I'm looking at the Triton for my mum to get around on, she's been kinda depressed lately since her illness and hasn't gotten out of the house enough and she loved the idea of a scooter but I don't know if I should be spending the $1500 on a Vento or just pay the $500 or so extra to get one of the Jap ones like a Zuma. Whats the diff between the Zip and Triton...the Triton is just the bigger frame for taller people right? I'm not going to be around to work on the scoot after I move so I'd like something reliable that all she has to do is add oil and gas, I don't think she'd have a problem checking the oil to make sure she doesn't go dry. Before all the Rukus people chime in she doesn't care for the looks of it.

    I've also been thinkin of the Vento Sauron BKM for the wife and I to go to work, whats it's comfortable cruising speed? Is it much faster then the Triton since it has that 125cc motor or should I just get her a Triton and tell her to keep to the back roads?
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    You've answered your own question, you want something reliable cause you won't be around to fix it, get a Honda / Yami whatever, and tell your Mom to enjoy it. How bout a Supercub, they just sold their 50 millionth!
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    Both use the same running gear, which is the Minarelli horizontal motor, which is in buttload of scooters from major manufacturers (some use the vertical version). It's bulletproof and easy to get parts for. One common problem with a huge run of the scoots (not just Vento) was a defective oil reservoir cap which would leak. Quick easy fix if you get one of those.

    Triton is the larger frame; Zip is the smaller one. Extensive reports on my blog--start here and work your way forward. The blog is written for non-motorcyclists so it's a bit dumbed down but also written from a GS-rider's point of view in terms of expectations of competence. Or something like that.

    A 50cc bike is in its element on relatively flat (mild hills) roads and flow of traffic that's no more than 45...suburban streets, urban streets, and so on. My daily commuter is a Super9 (50cc liquid cooled beastie) and it never has felt underpowered but I'm in it's sweet spot.

    If you need more oomph, go up to the 125. Your Triton will eventually max out at about 45 or so; the Zip R3i will do about 43.

    As I've said many times before I wouldn't hestitate to get another Vento.

    If price point is an issue, get the Vento. Another 50cc scoot to consider is the Yamaha Zuma. The 4stroke Honda Ruckus and Metropolitan (they share the same drivetrain) are slightly slower but are of course cleaner. Kymco is an excelllent brand that carries a 2 year warranty; they've been building engines and parts for japanese motorcycle companies since the 60's and also have a good presence here in the US with a headquarters in SC.

    Do a search--couple of good posts on the brand here. DoctorIt has one.