Veterans Day

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    Was a big hesitant to post this. But, here goes.

    Go shake a veterans hand and say thanks. It means more than you will know. ]

    WW2 and Korea (the forgotten war) vets are getting quite old. Vietnam (the ignored war) vets are now senior citizens. The middle east vets are still young, but still need to hear a well done.

    My war, Vietnam, was a helicopter war. It is the one sound that stirs all VN vets. I always look up when a chopper flies over.

    The helicopter crews would daily put themselves in harms way. It was routine. They were on call 24-7. We called, they came.

    I was a medic on a helicopter firebase. I once had a patient that needed a medivac. Two off duty pilots responded. I met them at the flight line. There were four Hueys, but none cleared to fly. The pilot says this one is good enough. It wouldn't start. On to a second. At the third we jump started it off of the ambulance.

    In a couple minutes we were ready to go. Backing that tall military ambulance away from under the flailing blades was certainly an experience.

    We flew away without a crew, only the pilots. The crew chief and gunner are the rear eyes of a chopper. All the pilots had was me, without a microphone, and a patient in the back.

    We made the trip wilthout incident, but how many edges did these guys push, on a safe mission. We didn't think about it much at the time. It was what needed to be done.

    The Music....

    And, it continues.

    I was on duty at the Unkown for a cerimony in 68. I was not in the Old Guard, I was there with an ambulance. Do attend if you get the chance. If you can witness this and not have a lump in your throat, you are a hard SOB. Tip...Park at Andrew Rader Army Clinic and walk across Arlington Cemetary.

    Don't feel sorry for me, I had a good tour. I did nothing that haunts me. And yet, I still have some anger issues.

    So go shake the hand of an old Vietnam Vet. They will growl, but it means something, even if it is a few decades late. They are carrying a lot of baggage.
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    Hooah! From a peacetime vet.
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    I'd like to extend a thank you to all the military members past and present and will take a few moments tomorrow to remember all the fallen soldiers on both sides of the barbed wire.

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    Thank you to all the Veterans and thank you Dick for the excellent post and being there as a medic.
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    Thanks for the reminder. I will be sure to go say thank you to my 88-year old neighbor who was a paratrooper on D-Day. His story, which I've been fortunate enough to hear, is incredible and one of bravery and love for his country.
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    Thanks Dick , and all other Vet's !!!!
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    My father was a ch47 (Chinook) pilot & some huey (spelling) it left an emotinal/mental scare on him that took decades too overcome, unfortunately once he overcame his demons cancer took him out in four months!

    The one wearing the head phones
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    Nov 21, 2010
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    It doesn't have to be Veterans day to say thanks...

    From my ride report earlier this year...


    Cooked up several hundred burgers and all beef hot dogs for the troops. This was all for donations and the money raised went to veterans.

    My brother came back from Vietnam a different person.

    I always take the time to thank our veterans past and present for their service to this country. I for one do not take it lightly.

    Thank you!
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    Thank you, and Thanks to all that served :devildog
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    I am so fortunate to have been able to attend a veterans ceremony in Pearl harbor Hi. As we gathered on the fan tail of the uss Missouri, the very place where the japanese surrendered under the waving of our flag, the vets from past and current service filed past. The shadow of the 16" guns standing gaurd overhead pointed to our colors at the rear of the ship where these vets raised a hand in salute as they passed by as if they hadn't done enough. There were tears, hand shakes, and reunions of services brothers from years ago. Not many dry eyes by the end of an awsome and unforgetable moment.Thank you all!
  12. going south

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    My father, floyd was a WW2 Vet..

    I don't need veterans day to shake a hand and say thank you... I try to do it every day...

    Thank you to all who served...

    Best Regards, Jim...
  13. Idarider

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    My wife and I were able to visit some of the battlefields in Europe in 1999 and went to the American cemetary overlooking Omaha beach in Normandy.
    I had been in cemetaries before but never one where everyone in it had died within a few months and all in defense of liberty. I didn't realize how much emotion that it could bring out.
    I still didn't quite lose it until I saw a little old guy standing looking at a particular head stone, knowing he had come back to see his buddy.
    In a strange twist we ended up seeing the movie Saving Private Ryan a few days later, glad I hadn't seen that before I was at Omaha Beach.

    We were staying on an air base and got to watch F-117 and A-10 take off to bomb Kosavo every night. Unreal watching the news knowing that the bombs blowing up the Chinese embassy "by mistake" had come out of those cute little black planes that we watched take off every afternoon. Not bomb to spare for OBL of course.

    Say a prayer for the family of American hero Tyrone Woods.
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    I knew there was a good reason why I enjoyed spending all that time with you on the park bench outside the laundry room at the HC gathering! I too always stop whatever I'm doing to watch and listen whenever I hear that distinctive Huey rotor sound. Even after forty years. Ingrained survival instinct, I guess.

    Thank you to all the other vets out there besides us old know who you are. Yes. YOU. The guys and gals with that pink arabian/middle eastern sand in their boots. Carry on! :devildog
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    Belated Veteran's day wishes Tourist!

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    Yes, thanks to all who served.

    Spent time around a campfire with six fellow Vietnam era veterans this Veteran's Day. We were spreading ashes of a fallen hero and giving a toast. Yes, thanks to all who served.

    Thanks to my daughter and her band (Willamette Valley Concert Band) for the excellent Veterans Day Concert. It was a packed house at the local high school. The band members are mostly grey haired people.

    American Legion post 51
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    God's Country
    Amen Brother!