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    Aug 15, 2010
    Fryerstown, Victoria, Australia
    Hi ADVer's,
    I have been planning a trip to Cape York for a few years now. Really since my trip around Tassie in late 08 with a mate on little Yam XT225s.

    I have learnt a great deal from researching on this forum and I would like to share both my upcoming 6+ month adventure and what I have done to prepare. I really am grateful to all those that have gone before me that have shared their experiences.

    The plan is simple really, take 6+ months to ride to Cape York and back on my purpose bought 2010 KLR 650 that I call "Mawson".

    A word about Mawson, I am not usually a fan of naming such things...
    I have however this time.

    I named the the bike in homage to Sir Douglas Mawson, an incredible Australian explorer...who I respect greatly for many of his achievements both in exploration and science. Being distantly related to this great man is both inspiring and an honor.

    A little about me:
    I am 26, living in Fryerstown, Victoria, I love observing the natural world and as a result I am a keep photographer and hunter. Making things from resources that are easily obtainable is one of my favorite pass-times. My passion for the natural world most definitely arrises from my roots in Permaculture. I ride a motorcycle mostly as a means of exploration and learning.

    The planned departure time frame is the end or March 2013. I will be posting up until then with preparations that I am undertaking.

    I will be posting in blue (if its readable) for ease of distinguishing my posts from other comments.

    And to complete my first post in this thread and wet the appetite with a little of what is to come, here are a few images.