Vietnam 2012: “Ten toi la Momi »...made in Italy !

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    Bravo! I like your style and am going back now to look at your other reports. Thanks for sharing your adventure!
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    Chúc mừng năm mới,:freaky

    ciao caro amico!
    what a treat to find this thread,
    i can tell you are a Kindred Spirit

    here's a few more Kindred spirits that traversed the Ho Chi minh trail 6 montha ago,,they left from saigon to hanoi 3 days after i left Saigon . this is their ride report...

    thanks to them,,i am planning to return there shortly to help one of their friends in Qui Ngon [ a coastal city midway up the coast]...the ladies name is Ba Nguyen nga,,she runs a school for the disabled....

    Please visit their website and help if you can:

    since i have a business designing and building adaptive equipment for the handicapped [ ],,i have a vision of returning there and learning how best to share my talents and extra equipment that i want to donate....

    want to come along????:wink:

    Tet is coming up shortly,,i have friends in Denver who just happen to live in Qui Ngon and Da Lat...

    volare bene e di gran lunga,
    il vostro spirito affine
    ong Manh/woody
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    Really thanks you read my report :freaky:freaky:freaky