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    I have a '90s R100R that has had the VIN plate changed by the State of Maryland. According to my internet search, Maryland changed VIN plates if it was rebuilt after an accident or if it was a theft recovery. I am trying to figure out how old it is because the dealer always wants the VIN when i order parts. It is currently listed as a 1996, which must be when the VIN plate was changed.

    I was going through some correspondence with the PO, who thought it was a 1994 or 1995. However, the colour is Amethyst Metallic which as far as i can tell was only used in 1992. But if parts have been changed, the tank, side panels and oil filter cover may also have been changed; the paint code on the frame is 685 which matches the motorcycle colour. However, there are no marks on the frame, engine, or other components to suggest it was in an accident. The key fits the ignition, bags, seat lock and steering lock. So if not an accident, then it was a theft recovery, but why do the keys all work? It also has a double front disk, which was standard in 1993 but available for 1992. It is a puzzler to be sure.

    I have found some numbers on the bike, but can't seem to sort it what they mean.

    Frame number (stamped on frame by centre stand): 58815
    Engine number (stamped on engine plate): 03/92/0395 (does this mean the 395 engine of March 1992?) and NBM 098042A2
    Transmission: 0209241AA1 (last number may be an "I" rather than a 1)

    Does this make sense to anyone? Should all of these numbers match if it was assembled in the factory? I read somewhere that the numbers did not match on the later airheads, but I can't remember where i read it. I have tried RealOEM, but i couldn't sort it out without the VIN.

    The bike runs and rides fine and tracks straight, so I am not concerned if it has been pieced together. But enquiring minds need to know. I would also like to know for parts or in case i ever decide to sell it.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    I checked my VIN on my 1995 R100R, my sticker said my bike was a 10/95 build and realoem said the VIN was 09/95.

    The engine number was 41/95/0071, so I think you are on the right track with the engine on yours being built probably 03 week of 1992.

    I think I might have read some where that the dual front brake might have been an option in 1992, not sure though. But your bike might have been in an accident and the front end replaced with the newer dual set up.

    Like you say the combination of light frame color and Amethyst 685 correspond to '92. You must remember that your Parabellum Scout fairing was painted to match the bike so when that was done is another question.

    Your bike is successfully registered in Ontario. So, if you ever sell here, the bike is what is on your registration and the history will show from when you registered it in Ontario, and the state where it was imported from. ON your registration is your bike branded?

    Parts are all the same for the R100R, except for the possible transmission circlip in the later 95 transmission build.:D

    You riding this weekend?

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    Didn't VIN #'s go to the 13 or 15 diget format around '82 or '83? I don't know if that was across all brands, but I had a question on a 7 diget VIN# on a Yamaha a few years ago when insuring it. It was caught in a mid-year deal when they were going to the longer VIN system. Just a thought, and I realize it may not help with the question of the OP.