Vintage Triumph/BSA For Everyday Use

Discussion in 'Old's Cool' started by vspeed, Jul 25, 2014.

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    dang typo, now corrected.:huh
    23000 mls.
    But saying that it did have a Smiths Speedo.:rofl
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    :roflIt looked plain wrong, typos and me are common looking on here with a phone all the time is my excuse and i got big fingers.
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    If you want a Brit bike to actually ride, find a good Commando. They don't vibrate parts off like a BSA or a Triumph, and you can get factory quality parts from Andover Norton. I just returned home from a ride of 5k miles, no issues. They really are reliable if screwed together properly.
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    I would echo the comment above about the more they are ridden, the more reliable they are.
    Also, I can't say how many times I've read the urban legend about how timing side bushing on crankshaft on BSA's (and also on earlier Triumph 500's) should be avoided and need to be upgraded, but I can't recall any firsthand examples of those bushings leading to disaster.
    As far as parts availability, I've heard several older guys say that they're easier to come by now then when the bikes were new. Rabers for all britbikes, and old Britts (for Norton) are some of my favorite suppliers. Lowbrow Customs in Ohio carriers a good stock of Triumph spares especially. For Triumph/BSA/Norton you can have anything you need at your door in a few days. Even if you have something a little more obscure, like Ariel or Velocette, most spares/engine components seem to be still available through UK owners clubs or suppliers there.
    The knowledge base you can now easily draw from online is also pretty great, like the above mentioned for all brands, and for Norton.
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    Correct. I blew the big end shells and cracked a piston on my '68 BSA B25 in 1973 and there were no parts to be had in Australia, even though the bikes were still being sold the previous year. The only piston maker was in South Australia, and in those days contact was either by letter or by very expensive phone calls. Getting parts from the UK involved ordering by mail - several weeks - and then the parts being shipped by sea, generally 2-3 months. I had the crank hard chromed as I had some spare standard shells and got a Kawasaki 900 piston lathed to size. Couldn't even get things like kickstart springs.

    I recently did a ground up resto on an AJS 500 and got all the parts I needed online and the bits I ordered from AMOC Spares and Burdens in the UK were here in 10 days. Similar with the Mk III Spitfire I'm currently working on, and so far there's nothing that I need that I haven't been able to source.
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    Yep, new old stock, used old stock, new repop.... Brit parts are so widely available that this, in no way, should be even remotely in question. FWIW, some of my English buddies are now sourcing parts out of India. And while I personally boycott Chinese made anything... It's been said that if a company exercises proper quality control, even the Chinese can produce decent product. As always, BUYER BEWARE!

    And yeah is totally awesome. It's a solid go-to for info, parts suppliers, and comraderie. I've been a member there for some time, and have met many other members from the U.S., England, and Europe. Bunch a REAL nice people.