voltage regulator or switched relay?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Rocket Scientist, Feb 17, 2013.

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    My intentions are to hookup my battery pack to the cold side of a switched relay & have the bikes stator 12v feed used as the turn on for my fuseblock. Running all my lights, horn & accessorys to a fuseblock fed off a battery pack so its only on (hot) as the bike is running. My question is, will the bikes stator charge the battery thru this switched relay or do I need a voltage regulator instead?
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    you will definitely need a regulator of some sort, an alternator directly connected to the battery will overcharge it and even make it boil and spew acid (that is what happens when a regulator fails)
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    the battery will need rectified DC... so a regulator, but also a rectifier to keep the battery up.

    if you already have that but just want to isolate stuff until the engine is running then you are talking about a relay porwered off the stator. that will work but may require a seperate RR regulator that is dedicated to the relay.
    also watch to see that the stator is the source for the relay, and the battery can not back feed to power the coil. a lot of trouble really when one toggle switch would do it

    Kawasaki did a cool thing on some bikes... they used the started motor as a generator to power a latching relay. after the engine has started, the starter is winding down, it briefly becomes a generator.... that was used to power a relay that then latched itself with battery power from the key. this system was on the Concours for sure (the ZG1000)
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    For what it sounds like you want to do:

    Regulator/Rectifier between the stator and battery.

    Switched relay between the battery and fuse block.