Voltmeter + Tachometer (G/S)

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    Not that it is an absolutely urgent need....but now that my R80g/s is on the road, I'd like to install a voltmeter and a tachometer too. Many of us have done in the past...
    My idea is to fit them each side of the instrument cluster, where you would normally see the clock and original tachometer. I want them both to be round so I can make it look like the original parts. I can fabricate round holders that will look like the original. (I'm a machinist).

    What would be a good tachometer/what would be a good voltmeter?
    I installed a tachometer once (on a Trasalp) and I know it's easily done. What about the voltmeter? Seems easy too...
    I suppose I can visit my auto-parts dealer and pick what I think is good for my little project. But what do you people think?

    ....and still working on the center-stand...should be ready by next week!


    By frichtie at 2012-05-03
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    VDO makes good volt meters and they're cheap.

    I think Autometer has a small tach about the same size. But you're on your own. I don't know if any are up to motorcycle duty. Then again, I don't see anything special about the BMW tachs to handle vibration. They are sealed well, though.