Wanna Go to Big Creek..........Don't try!

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    Just got back from Warren - truck, working.

    The local paper said that the Warren to South Fork/Elk Creek/Big Creek road would close TOMORROW for two weeks. They LIED!!! :huh

    There are going to be two culverts replaced, they say it will be closed for two weeks.

    I went in to the South Fork of the Salmon this AM. The foreman for the job assured me that there would "be one lane open all day". I came out about 16:00 --- guess what?? Mayflower creek was a ten foot deep hole - ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE ROAD.

    Since my truck said USFS on it they filled in the hole and let me out.

    The road (I'm sure) was closed behind me and it will be closed the next two weeks :cry.

    If you want to go to Big creek or Yellow Pine, go over Lick creek or Johnson creek.

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    Kinda like this 2 years ago by Cuprum.


    That first step is a doozy! This was August 14th when it was supposed to be done.