ADVrider Rally WARPED 14 - April 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th, 2018 in Kernville, CA

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    The 14th Annual WARPED (Western Adventure Rider Party and Endurance Drinking) is now open for registration! Hosted by yours truly and @rediRrakaD this year.

    Basic Info:
    What: Riding, drinking, eating, sleeping, etc.
    When: April 5th - 8th (for early birds) or April 6th - 8th (for the slackers).
    Why: Cuz it's fun.
    Who: Everyone who's anyone. Ample riding for dirt, street and nice campground if you just want to sit around and heckle the people who try to ride through their hangovers all weekend.
    Where: Mountain and River Adventures Campground
    15775 Sierra Way Kernville CA, 93238
    MRA'S website is here:

    Attendance Prices:
    Thurs Night - Sun AM: $95
    Fri Night - Sun AM: $65

    What's Included:
    • Camping (shared sites). If you want your own site all to yourself, contact MRA and reserve something separately. If you want the site longer than is included in the rally price, also contact MRA separately to make your reservation.
    • Saturday Night Pizza Dinner. We won't ask for your cash like that cheap bitch, @Shunka
    • Beer, beer and more beer.
    • Raffle entry
    • Stickers

    Sign up information and other details in the offiicial WARPED thread in western regional forum:
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