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    me and 2 my friends would like to go to norway. they would like see few places there. here is plan :

    i would like to do to Nodrcap and return cross Finland nad Estonia, Lithuania...
    here is just quick plan:

    can somebody recommended interesting places on that road?
    we should start end of this month.
    thank you for any advices
    sorry for my english
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    Boden, North of Sweden and near the arctic circle
    - from Kristiansand to Flekkefjord, turn into coastroad 44.

    - (B) is not Preikestolen, I think it´s better to take the 2-3 hour walk to Preikestolen from Jorpeland.

    -(C) keep on road 45 northeast about 70 kms and turn west into amazing road to Lysebotn. From Lysebotn(there are a camping) can you then take ferry back to your track at Forsand or Lauvika road 13

    -(F) It´s many many years since I rode that road. (turning east on RV5) At that time i´t was a new road and very expensive to ride. I do not know if the road is payed today.

    - (F) From this Point, take instead the ferry from Kaupanger(Manheller-Fodnes). Ride the 25 kms long tunnel and after the tunnel turn right and ride back on the old rode(over the tunnel)

    - After the tunnel, yake the direcktion to Lom. Two roads to choose. The ferry back and north via road "riksvei 55". You find there the Point of the highest tarmacroad. Or.....after the tunnel, keep after road 53 to Övre Årdal and there turn into road FV302, Turtagröroad. At the top a small feed for the road.

    - From Lom, turn west on road 15

    - 50 kms befor Stryn(E) you turn north on road 63 and ride all the road Geiranger, Trollstigen etc and you will en on road E136.

    - From Molde, follow road 64 and Atlanthavsvei to Kristiansund(H)

    - Many people likes the road 17 from Steinkjer to Bodö. I prefer the road 17 from Mosjöen where turn into road 78 forward to road 17 the ferry to Nesna

    - At Lofoten, ride north to Andenes and take the ferry to isle Senja. Great isle and ride around the whole isle and also every oneway road there(exept the road 860)

    - To Northcape, folllow road E6, I found it a great ride.

    About Finland: keep east from Oulu. Turn there to Kajani and then via Joensuu visit Savonlinna.