WEDNESDAYS RIDE 12-10-2011 Stanwell Park, NSW, Australia

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    Stanwell Park

    Wednesday 12th October 2011

    I expected a good roll-up that morning as the weather forecast was quite promising. I wasn’t disappointed as by the time 9.00am came we had 12 riders. It was a bit difficult to know for a while because there were bikes headed for Phillip Island arriving and leaving, so that every time I did a count, there would be a different number. Anyway 12 it was. Noel suggested we ride to Stanwell Park and offered to lead the ride. He was taken up on both counts.

    We headed off down the highway to Mulgoa Road, then through Wallacia and Silverdale to Werombi where we turned off onto Werombi Road. Just past the university vet school we turned south and using back-roads that I can never remember, worked our way down to Cawdor and then to Menangle where we stopped for smoko at the old converted pub (on the corner). As usual, we used their facilities but didn’t buy anything. By this time I was starting to swelter in my thermal undies which I had foolishly worn. I blamed John Mac for this as he had persuaded me to ride with him and a couple of others to Oberon the day before. I didn’t have any warm gear and I bloody froze, so today I wasn’t taking any chances.

    Even though I wasn’t making any threatening moves towards him, John Mac left us after smoko. This time to visit his “niece”. His sister must be getting sick of him. The rest of us rode along to Douglas Park, then through Broughton Pass to Appin where we turned onto the Bulli road. We cruised along to Bulli Tops then headed down Bulli Pass. I always enjoy riding down Bulli Pass unless I get stuck behind a truck. We got stuck behind a truck! He was a good driver though and he moved over to let us past at the first opportunity. The bottom of Bulli Pass has been reconstructed recently and turning left (as we were) can be a bit hairy. You actually have to stick your nose out into the traffic to see whether it’s safe to turn. We all made it safely and headed north along the coast road. This is another road I really like, even though it’s always busy and has the odd traffic lights. The ride past all those beaches and over the headlands with their sweeping views out to sea is terrific. And of course the crowning joy is to ride along the Seacliff Bridge. Bloody magic! Finally we arrived at Stanwell Park and pulled into the picnic area behind the beach.

    We could see that it was raining out to sea but thankfully that’s where it stayed. The Para-gliders were pretty active on Bald Hill above us and were constantly soaring overhead and we were able to watch a couple of them land on the beach quite near us. We had our lunch in the picnic shed and as we were finishing, Franz walked over and handed me a gift-wrapped birthday present! A bit late but what the hell! When I unwrapped it, there was a jar of peanut butter! How did he know? I figured it was just the right size to store in my saddle-bags as emergency rations should I get stuck somewhere.

    Time to leave. We rode up the hill to Stanwell Tops and turned right towards Royal National Park. Yet another fantastic bike road! Winding around the bends, I noticed that the green bits of road were mostly dry today. Lovely. We took the turnoff to Waterfall and wound our way up the hill to the Princes Highway, then followed the highway to Heathcote where we parked in the IGA “customers only” carpark to have afternoon tea at the little park (on the corner).

    After we’d finished our tea and bikkies we headed back along the Heathcote road to Liverpool where we turned onto the M something motorway and then took the Bringelly exit. We rode through Rossmore and (quietly) past the Rebels clubhouse to Bringelly. From here we took The Northern Road and headed for our respective homes. After a pit-stop at Luddenham and re-fuelling at Blaxland I got home about 4.15pm with 243km on the clock.

    With good weather, great roads and terrific camaraderie, what sort of a day do you think I had?

    Next week some of us are doing an overnighter to Denman and back via the Putty Road. Those doing the day ride will probably come as far as Ilford or Rylstone then return.

    Peter Morris