WEDNESDAYS RIDE 22/2/2012 Berrima, NSW, Australia

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    Wednesday 22nd February


    Well here it is Sunday and I’m only now getting around to writing last Wednesday’s report. Hope I can remember what happened.

    I arrived at Maccas riding my new Harley Davidson Sportster. Yes, I still have the Milwaukee Monster, but I now also have a Milwaukee Minor. The shed is getting pretty crowded at home. Anyway there were thirteen bikes present but John McC was only making a cameo appearance, so it meant we had twelve riders for the run. There was the usual amount of umming and ahhing about where we should go. I suggested Brooklyn, somebody else suggested somewhere up the central coast, and Berrima in the southern highlands was decided upon. I don’t know where that one came from. Anyway Rod announced that he knew the way so we made him the ride leader for the day.

    Off we went down the highway to Mulgoa Road, then the usual route through Wallacia and Silverdale to The Oaks. Up until Silverdale I had been riding second, and as I had been studiously sticking to the speed limit, Rod was steadily drawing away from me. Then a couple of riders passed me to catch up to Rod. By the time we left The Oaks the three of them were just dots on the horizon. Oh well, I wasn’t concerned as I knew we were all stopping at the park on the corner in Thirlmere for smoko.

    The sky had been quite overcast so far, though there had been no rain and the temperature was quite pleasant. From Thirlmere we turned past the railway museum and rode south through the busy cities of Buxton and Balmoral to Colo Vale. (The name of this place has always puzzled me, as we have Colo, Colo Heights, Upper Colo and Lower Colo all on the other side of Sydney.) Anyway, from there we progressed along Church Avenue to the roundabout which put us on the southern freeway. We exited the freeway after less than a kilometre to ride the Old Hume Highway through Mittagong and towards Berrima. I don’t think I had ridden this way before and I quite enjoyed it. Rod led us to a park which I’d not used before; it had a large shelter shed and is sort of on a corner.

    By now the sun was starting to break through and the temperature was rising considerably and we all had a very relaxing time, chomping our sandwiches and walking the 15 minute return trip to the toilet (which was in a different park).


    Leaving Berrima, with Les somehow now as ride leader, we headed back along the old highway though Mittagong, back briefly onto the freeway, then onto the Remembrance Driveway. We rode through Alpine and Yerrinbool (always reminds me of my old high school chant which went, in part: “Wagga Wagga, Wagga Wagga, Moombooldool”) and then through good ol’ Couridjah, Bargo and Tahmoor to Picton, where we stopped at the Botanic Gardens for afternoon tea.

    Having consumed our refreshments, we decided that it was too early to return home yet, so we decided we would go to Burragorang Lookout to check out the water level in Warragamba Dam.

    Riding from the Botanic Gardens, up towards the main road, Les, puzzlingly turned up a dead end side street. I guess we all have our senior’s moments. Then my low fuel warning light came on, so I had to pull into a servo for a refill. Thankfully everyone waited for me and we were soon making progress along Barkers Lodge Road to Oakdale, then on the road out to Burragorang. The water level in the dam was the highest we had seen it for a long time as it was now about 86% full.

    Time to leave, and we rode back to The Oaks, then on to Wallacia where the plainsmen parted company with the mountain men. I forget what time I got home, but I had done 280 km and had a bloody great day.

    Peter M