WEDNESDAYS RIDE 23-3-2011 Fitzroy Falls, NSW, Australia

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    Blue Mountains and West, N.S.W. AUSTRALIA
    Wednesdays Ride
    Fitzroy Falls, NSW, Australia

    The weather forecast was good and I figured there'd be a good rollup today. I got to Macca's to find the place devoid of motorcycles! I knew Eric would be coming as I had spoken to him the night before, but where was everybody else? Shortly afterwards Dave C arrived on his scooter, followed by Eric a few minutes later. That was it! Just the three of us.! Gary had strolled in (collar and tie) but he wasn't riding today. He'd had a better offer and waved us goodbye as he headed to the office.

    We decided we would go to Fitzroy Falls so off we set down the highway to Mulgoa Road where we ran into road works. After about a ten minute delay, down to Wallacia and on towards The Oaks (more road works) then Thirlmere and Bargo where we pulled up for smoko. After smoko it was down the Remembrance Drive to Alpine and onto the Old South Road. Heading down this road we could feel the temperature falling as the altitude increased. Approaching Bowral Eric (ride leader) puzzled us by turning left at a roundabout and leading us into a housing estate. After a kilometre or two he realised the error of his ways and we headed out again. When we got back to the roundabout on Old South Road Eric signalled a left turn, then proceeded to turn right, completely circumnavigating the roundabout. If Dave and I thought this puzzling then the other motorists were even more bemused. I put it down to a lack of oxygen reaching the brain due to the altitude. Anyway, undaunted we turned off at Kangaloon Road (more road works) then down the Sheepwash road to the picnic area at Fitzroy Falls Dam. After lunch, Eric was checking behind a tree for goannas when he found an enormous toadstool about the size of a dinner plate which he duly photographed for posterity.


    Leaving Fitzroy Falls we headed across to Robertson and on to the top of Macquarie Pass where we stopped briefly to view and photograph the flooding in Lake Illawarra. Then along Tourist Road (always nice) to some other back roads, emerging again on Old South Road and on to Alpine. Then it was back through Hilltop, Balmoral and Buxton to Thirlmere for afternoon smoko. The work on the Railway Museum there is just about finished and it's looking pretty good.

    From Thirlmere we headed back the way we had come to Wallacia where I parted company from Eric and Dave. I arrived home at Blaxland at about 4.45pm having ridden 302km.
    As always, it was a great day. Regards Peter M

    Fast facts
    Spectacular waterfalls and sandstone cliffs, surrounded by Morton National Park and 142 km south-west of Sydney with a population of 40
    Why go there
    This small village is best known for the waterfall that plunges spectacularly into the thick eucalypt forests of the valley beneath the escarpment. It is one of many waterfalls in Morton National Park. Nearby Belmore Falls is equally dramatic and easy to access. With its rainforest gullies, wildflowers, colourful parrots and rosellas and many other native animals, Morton National Park is the main attraction here.
    The Falls were discovered in 1818 by Charles Throsby, a pioneer settler from nearby Bong Bong. His property extended as far as the falls, known originally as Throsby's Waterfall. They were renamed Fitzroy Falls after a visit in 1850 by the Governor of NSW, Sir Charles Fitzroy. In 1882, 4,000 acres were set aside as a reserve, forming the basis of the vast national park that exists today.
    Things to do
    Go bushwalking along the escarpment. The nearest trail is a 1.6-km round trip to a lookout where you'll see the full glory of the falls. Try the East Rim Walking Track, about 3.5 km with excellent vistas along the way or an easy walk to Belmore Falls which has views into Kangaroo Valley. Admire the view from excellent lookouts on the plateau, such as Valley View Lookout, May Lookout, Warragong Lookout and Renown Lookout.
    Don’t miss
    The displays of fauna and flora at the Visitors Centre.
    The boardwalk along the creek, through restored native bushland to a lookout at the top of the Falls (about 100 m).
    Well cut paths and easy stairways, resting places and signs strategically placed to identify native fauna and flora.

    Thanks to, for the map, photo and fast facts.
    Regards Franz

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    Peter M, I allways enjoy your reports, and the information map etc thanks for going to the touble to show us.:clap.