WEDNESDAYS RIDE 30-11-2011 Nepean Dam, Yanderra, NSW, Australia

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    Wednesday 30th Nov 2011

    Nepean Dam

    (The fearless five get moist)

    The weather forecast was terrible. Rain showers and thunderstorms. However, it wasn’t yet raining at my place so I thought I’d give it a go. I didn’t bother with the peanut butter sandwiches as I figured I’d only ride till morning tea and then come home.

    I didn’t expect a big turn-up and by 9.00am there were just five of us: Eric, Guy, Dave C, John McC and me. Nobody had any ideas for a destination so I suggested we ride to Picton, from where I would return home. Somehow this got me elected to the post of ROAD CAPTAIN.

    We set off down the highway (I’m sure you all know the way by now) to Mulgoa Road, then through Mulgoa to Wallacia, then down to The Oaks. Riding south from The Oaks, there was still no rain and the air was quite warm and I was quite enjoying myself.

    On reaching Picton we pulled in for smoko at the little park. You know, the one on the corner. Sitting there with my coffee and bikkies I decided it was far too pleasant to just go home. The others were talking about going on to one of the dams, so I decided to go too. After all, if I left now it would create a power vacuum and could lead to bloodshed among the others. I announced my intention of buying sandwiches to take for lunch, but Eric generously offered to share his tuna and lettuce wrap with me.

    We headed south from Picton, through Tahmoor to Bargo and turned off over the railway bridge and onto the road which leads to Nepean and Avon dams. I figured we hadn’t been to Nepean for quite a long time so that’s where we headed. It was still only about 11.30am, so before lunch, we rode down to the wall of the dam for a bit of a squiz. We ambled along the top of the wall while Eric darted all over the place taking photos. (I haven’t seen any of them yet.) From there we rode back to the picnic area at the top. I was shocked and appalled to see that John rode up not wearing his helmet. I would have to have strong words with him later.

    Lunch was quite pleasant sitting in the shelter-shed. I was even able to tolerate the lack of peanut butter in the wrap Eric had given me. After an hour or so, during which time we solved the problem of climate change, we saw that the sky was getting blacker and decided it was time to make a move. Just as we were packing up to leave there was a rumble of thunder and a few drops of rain started to fall. I decided I wasn’t going to get wet this time and donned the plastic pants. Eric protested about this but it was only because he hadn’t brought his ones.

    We set off back to Bargo as the rain got heavier. I could feel it stinging my eyes. Then by the time we left the town it had stopped and the road was quite dry. I thought about stopping at the Picton Botanical Gardens for afternoon tea but there were a few more sprinkles around so we pushed on to Camden and then Narellan Road. We had earlier decided to return along the Northern Road and as we passed through Bringelly I realised there hadn’t been a drop of rain since Picton. I decided an afternoon tea stop at the cafe at the Luddenham Caltex would be a good idea. I knew that Eric and Dave would be intending to turn off just before that, so as we reached Luddenham I pulled over to the side of the road to tell them. Bugger me if Eric and Dave didn’t ride straight past me and turn off. This was mutiny! So Guy and I rode on to the Caltex. (John had mysteriously disappeared at Bargo). The two of us had a very pleasant and relaxing cup of coffee and I got home bone dry a bit before 4.00pm with 193 km on the clock. I’m glad I didn’t pike out early as I had a really great day.

    P.S. For those who read my account last week of the great deluge and my ark building. When the rain finally stopped and the waters began to recede, my ark ran aground on Boddington Hill. I was able to get the goldfish home safely, but the dog and the budgie escaped and were last seen hitting the bars and nightclubs in Katoomba. I’m a little concerned about their moral welfare.

    Peter M