WEDNESDAYS RIDE 6-4-2011 Wisemans Ferry, NSW, Australia

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    Wednesdays Ride
    6th April 2011
    Wisemans Ferry, NSW, Australia

    When I arose about 6.30am the sky was a uniform grey/black and it had obviously been raining during the night. I decided I wasn’t riding anywhere and rang Eric to let him know. He informed me that at St Marys it was dry with patches of blue sky. Heartened by this news I went and changed into my riding gear. By the time I came back outside it was bloody raining! So that was it, I wasn’t going riding. Half an hour later I got a call from Eric who was at the Blaxland Maccas having breakfast with Big Al. He confirmed that it was raining there too and they were going to return home. At least I didn’t feel such a wimp then. Bugger me, half an hour later again he rang to say the rain had stopped, young Johnny (ok to call you Johnny?) Mac had arrived and they were going to ride to Wisemans Ferry. Did I want them to wait for me. I looked at the sky again and decided no. I was going back to being a wimp. So as it turned out, I didn’t ride anywhere but I’ve still been asked to write the ride report. I don’t know all the details so I might have to make some up.

    The three brave riders made their way into the gloom and travelled via various unknown roads to Sackville where they stopped for morning smoko at the tables provided outside the Sackville store. (Bet they didn’t buy anything.)From here they made their way along the river road (not sure here whether they went via Lower Portland) ending up at Wisemans for lunch.

    This was the big moment. They had come to celebrate young Johnny’s birthday. Eric produced bread and sausages from his magic saddlebags, along with a birthday cake he had baked himself. (Sounds a bit Biblical doesn’t it, though there were only three, not five thousand.) So they cooked up the snags on the free BBQ provided. (If it wasn’t free they would have eaten them raw.) They then hoed into the birthday cake, making thorough pigs of themselves. After finishing the sausages and cake they proceeded to play birthday party games such as Pin The Tail On The Donkey and Spin The Bottle. Who can resist that kissing game?


    But the party had to end before they got arrested and the trio made their way to Macquarie Park at Windsor for afternoon smoko. From here they went their separate ways, having only encountered a few little spots of rain for the day.
    Next time I’ll try not to be such a wimp.
    Regards Peter M

    Wisemans Ferry Info
    Nestled in the heartland of the Hawkesbury River is the distinctive river settlement of Wisemans Ferry, about 60km north-west of Sydney’s CBD. Encircled by noteworthy national parks - Dharug to the north and east, Yengo to the north-west, Cattai to the west, and Marramarra to the south - Wisemans Ferry is a rustic village on one of the country's most famous waterways.
    Wisemans Ferry Village is named after Solomon Wiseman who settled there after receiving a Land Grant from Governor Macquarie in 1817. He was responsible for the first ferry service in 1827 to serve the farmers of the area & also provide provisions for the convicts building "The Great North Road". The township & the area flourished for many years as a major farming area for the new settlement, but the many floods took their toll on the area and the population dwindled around the 1850's.
    Now a favourite tourist spot, the area boasts many recreational facilities & a rich colonial & convict heritage.

    Thanks to and for the map and info
    Regards Franz