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  1. Surlycamera

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    Nov 13, 2012
    Hello - New to the board.
    Short version - Anyone gone from an SV650s to a V-Strom or any other ADV bike and have some feed back on what to look for or stay away from?

    Long Version -
    I've got an 06 SVS that I love. When I bought it in 07 I wanted to get a V-Strom but could not find one near me so I settled (sort of) on the SV mostly due to impatience. So now I'm thinking about selling the SV and getting a V-Strom. I'm going to look at other bikes as well, but I really like the DR650 Adventure. The main things about the SV that I don't like are comfort, and lack of storage. I put on Heli-bars and had the seat re-done by Spencer. I have no complaints about the work that Mr. Turner did. I just can't ride more than about 150mi. without being uncomfortable. It's the position and shape of the seat. Also, I simply don't need a sporty riding position anymore. I want a taller windshield, hard bags, be able to ride for a few hours without feeling like I've had a paddlin. I will be commuting mostly, with a few trips throughout the year. The taller bike will be helpful to see over cars (I assume) and the bags will be good for picking up the groceries, etc... I'm open to suggestions about any bike, but the V-Strom is my starting point. I'm also not opposed to used. Are the new Suzuki hard bags decent? Better spending my money on good aftermarket ones?
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    Nov 14, 2006
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    I have never done the sport bike side of things, but the ADVenture bikes are so versatile. I have the Bestem hard case on my WeeStrom. works well, lockable and again very versatile. Cast was about $50 delivered, on E-bay. It's been on there since '08 and never a problem. If you never had a trunk, when you get one, you wonder how you got along without it.
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    Feb 1, 2006
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    The DL 650 Wee Strom is one of the best all around bikes out there. For dual sport ( as long as it is gravel roads! ), touring, commuting, or true adventure touring. Especially the new 2012 version. Whether you buy the new Adventure with the factory bags or the standard and fit it out yourself you will find it has some of the soul of the SV, but MUCH more practical and comfortable. And yes, a big ole trunk is the handiest thing you can have on one and unlike on the SV it looks right at home on the 'STrom!
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    Oct 16, 2009
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    I think you'll be happy with the Wee. Riding position alone will be a big improvement!
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    Had an SV650S for many years, now on my 3rd wee-strom (K7, K9, L2), and in fact I still have the -07, as well as the -12. The DL has much more room, and is all in all a way better tourer, though I was masochist enough to do long trips with the SV, too! Where the SV was better is twisty country roads, but only the ones with good surface.

    Dunno about your budget, but if you can afford it, the 2012 Wee is better than older ones, its handling will be closer to the streetbike youre switching from. Just get rid of the crap OEM tyres. In fact I put Pilot Road 3's on my 2012, and it handles real sweet on tarmac. Now it gets close to the SV even on twisties.

    (but if the 2012/2013 model costs too much for you, I'm not saying the older ones would be a bad choice at all).
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    Jun 27, 2012
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    After a full week on my new Vee, I rode my SV for a quick spin and it felt like I was riding my kid's tricycle... so small and cramped.

    I love'em both though. Great bikes made for different purposes.

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    Feb 19, 2008
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    My cousins had 2 sv650's that I've ridden a bunch. A buddy has a DL650 I rode once.

    I just bought an 06 DL650.

    Mainly because it has so many of the aspects I loved about the SV just with worlds more practicality and comfort.
  8. McJamie


    Oct 3, 2009
    Courtice, Ontario, Canada
    Had an 04 SV (naked) and traded it in 08 for a new DL650. A little performance difference. The SV pulled harder up high, and longer, but with a little more mid range on the DL, you never really missed it. It was strictly an issue of comfort for me. The SV had all the performance I wanted, but not enough leg room for my bad knees, and seat that was among the worst I had ever put my ass on. The DL does have less covering clearance, but there's more of it than you think. And the huge fuel tank is just awesome. And it's like a pack mule. There's no end to how much crap you can load on it, and just keeps chugging along.
    With the right tires, the SV was surprisingly good on dirt roads, and a bit of a weapon on pavement.
    If I were offered the choice, I'd likely take the DL.