West African tour with the missus

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    Apr 19, 2006
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    I rode from London to Senegal on my 2003 BMW r1150GS in October, which is the subject of an earlier ride report.

    Somehow I 'persuaded the love of my life (my wife since 34 years ago ) to join me in The Gambia and ride on the back around Gambia and Senegal (which unexpectedly became a jaunt into the narcotraffic hub of Guinea Bissau!).



    The report of that trip is here:


    That trip will resume Monday when I fly back to Banjul to pick up the bike. But this third chapter will be solo, with no plan other than to head in the direction of Nigeria and more importantly, NO TIMETABLE.

    So please Moderators forgive this link but on an iPhone it's hard to run reports in multiple sites, as I did for my Iran trip 15 months ago, especially when electricity let alone WiFi can be in short supply.


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