Wet Tropics Plan Review (North QLD, AUS)

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Trevor S, Jan 29, 2005.

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    For anyone interested, the EPA have a Plan Review in process. They are reviewing the Wet Tropics legislation and are seeking public comment.

    For anyone not in the know, the Wet Tropics legislation is a nasty (imo) piece of legislation that prohibits the use of vehicles (adventure riders included !) in Wet Tropics Areas. Many of the tracks, roads and trials have been permanetly closed to traffic. Areas I used to ride years ago are no longer available, and recently (last year) roads such as the "Culpa Track" have been closed to public throughfare. IMO the Culpa Track was one of the best rides in tropical North Queensland, you rode through some spectacular tropical rain forest etc. It was also little used and not as well known as the CREB Track.

    Anyway, if you are after more information and do want to make comment to them, they are seeking submissions through to the end of February. I ask fellow Adventure Riders do make comment, failure by us to be active and coheseive has led to the closure of some amazing riding areas....

    On a personal note, yes I do support keeping current rain forest areas intact for conservation purposes and not putting new roads through but I do NOT support the closing of current roads and trails and locking the areas away totally from the public.

    Enough of a rant, more information here: