What 250cc scooters to look at?

Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by Red J, May 31, 2006.

  1. Red J

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    Sep 13, 2005
    Wichita, KS
    My commute is 30 miles with around 2 city, the rest is a 55mph two lane. I'd also use one for in-town errands, but this is maybe 5% of the usage.

    So, I'm thinking for maximum MPG with minimal hassle of slow speed or un-safety, something like a Honda Reflex.

    What others should I be looking at?
  2. Photog

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    Oct 13, 2003
    If you want to get into it cheap, look at the 80's era Honda Helix. It'll do what you're asking just fine for $1500-$1800.

    Check out the Kymco Bet & Win scoots. :thumb

    If you don't absolutely need the characteristics of a scoot, consider the Ninja 250, early (naked) Suzuki GS500, or any 200/250 dual sport. I've noticed a LOT of dusted-off old Honda Nighthawk 450's and Twinstars running around lately in response to gas prices.

    I think we'll see a lot of used scoots on the market as non-riding cagers buy them in response to gas prices, then find out it's more complicated than they thought it would be (traffic, weather, skills, and so on). Keep an eye on craigslist and ebay.
  3. moto leo

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    Jan 16, 2005
    Just outside of Philadelphia, PA
    I've got an 86 Honda Helix that fits the bill perfectly. great gas mileage, easily cruises at 60 plus mph, built in trunk, reliable as hell and they still make them!
  4. Spikehead

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    Sep 9, 2003
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    I'm a big fan of big-wheeled scooters. (Aprilia Scarabeo (have 3), Kymco People, etc.) That said, I'm watching for the US introduction of this li'l gem:


    "With the U.S. scooter market continuing to gain in significance, rumors are flying that Yamaha may be looking at bringing over the Versity XC300 for 2007. Currently in limited release in Europe, the Versity XC300 maxiscooter sports a 264cc 4-stroke engine and 14" wheels front and back. While it lacks the under seat storage typically found on maxiscooters, an optional luggage rack and removable top-box is available from Yamaha specifically for the Versity.

    Priced in Italy 2,000 Euros less than their Majesty 400, if Yamaha brought to the States with the same ratio in price points it would retail for $3999. This is a prefect spot between their Vino 125 ($2499) and their Majesty 400 ($5799). It is also way less than the Honda Reflex ($5499). In fact, price wise it would be comparable with the Kymco Bet&Win 250 ($3999).

    Whether the rumors turn out to be true that Yamaha will import the Versity XC300 to the U.S., we will just have to wait and see. However if they do, Yamaha would be poised to capture the 250cc segment of the scooter market."
  5. leapfrog

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    May 9, 2006
    why bother with a 250cc go bigger.... :rofl
  6. krismark

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    Dec 26, 2004
    NW Indiana
    I agree with Photog. A Kymco Bet & Win 250 would be a nice choice.

    I just got the B & W 150, and as soon as I get plates on it I will be riding it to work on the highway. I was riding on a Super 9 (50cc) to work, but I had to take back roads. The 150 will be perfect for the rural highways I use. A 250 would handle just about anything!

    I think you will get a lot more speed, performance, and handling from the Kymco. Honda makes a great product, but they aren't willing to take any chances. So, they tend to end up with a very reliable, but also very boring product. Kymco is on par with reliability of Honda, but is more fun in my opinion.
  7. JohnTM

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    Oct 20, 2001
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